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The grand finale of Extreme E’s sophomore season is at hand. After four races on three continents across wildly different terrains, the final electric rally racing showdown of 2022 is taking place in the seaside city of Punta del Este in Uruguay. A country that’s leading the way when it comes to renewable energy production and electrification, the country currently generates over 98% of its electricity from renewable sources, primarily wind and hydropower. Extreme E is committed to promoting the switch to electric vehicles and decarbonising transport, which is also a main focus of the Uruguayan government as the next step in its renewable energy journey. Much like Uruguay, Extreme E is actively trialling new renewable energy sources onsite to reduce the need for fossil fuels.

It is against this seemingly paradoxical yet optimistic backdrop of innovative solutions to renewable energy and the preservation of fragile ecosystems that ZENITH is presenting the DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix”, a limited edition of 20 pieces that combines carbon fibre and titanium with striking purple accents that evoke streaks of lightning in a stormy sky. True to the purpose of Extreme E and ZENITH’s HORIZ-ON initiative, it incorporates recycled and upcycled elements from the championship in the strap as well as the packaging.

Rugged in form and function, the DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix” is the world’s lightest and most robust 1/100th of a second chronograph, designed to brave the harshest environments in some of the world’s most remote destinations. Tried and tested on the electric rally’s off-road courses, it is crafted in lightweight, durable and visually striking carbon fibre. The DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix”’s angular geometry exuding is further emphasised by the contrasting microblasted titanium pusher protectors and twelve-sided bezel.

The open multi-layered dial consists of tinted sapphire crystal elements, embellished with purple accents that evoke the lightning-lit skies of Uruguay. Partially visible through the dial as well as the sapphire case back is the fastest automatic high-frequency chronograph calibre in production, offering 1/100th of a second time measurements, with two escapements independently beating at 5Hz (36’000 VpH) for the timekeeping part and 50Hz (360’000 VpH) for the chronograph function. The movement is also visible through the sapphire display back, emblazoned with the Energy X Prix logo.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are the forefront of ZENITH and Extreme E’s partnership and is immediately tangible across their shared endeavours. As such, the DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix” is delivered with a rubber strap infused with materials of upcycled Continental CrossContact tires that were used in the first season’s races. Matching the Energy X Prix purple accents on the dial, the Velcro strap features  a  black  rubber  central  element  surrounded  by a   purple  cordura-effect  rubber  inlay. The DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix” is delivered with two additional straps in black rubber and black Velcro, which can be easily swapped without any tools by using the case back’s ingenious and intuitive quick strap-change mechanism.

The DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix” comes packaged in a suitably sturdy waterproof and crushproof watch case inspired by the extreme conditions of the rally, incorporating various upcycled elements from the side-lines of the first season’s races. The case’s lid coating is made from E-grip recycled tires, while the plate covering is made from parts of an Extreme E racing tarpaulin.

The DEFY Extreme E “Energy X Prix” will be made in a limited edition of only 20 pieces and will be

available exclusively at ZENITH physical and online boutiques around the world.

Zenith Unveils The Defy Extreme E “Energy X Prix” – BusinessToday

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