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In case you’ve seen your friends post cutesy avatar cards on their social media pages and wondered what that was all about, wonder no more: They’ve all gotten on the Bondee bandwagon.

Launched in January, Bondee is a virtual social app created by Singapore tech firm Metadream — a social networking platform where users can chat and interact with their friends in a meta-universe setting.

Basically, it’s like The Sims or Roblox with a social media aspect. Users can sign up and create their own avatars, design their own rooms, and hang out with their friends — all within the Bondee world.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store, where you will be asked to sign up with your mobile number, as well as choose a nickname and a user ID.

Friends can add you through a QR code or by typing in your user ID, where you all appear in one space and can see each other’s activities. Bondee also has an instant messaging platform where you can chat with your friends.

If you’re thinking about where to get started, here are some examples by other users for avatar inspiration:

Similar to other metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and Sandbox, users can interact and engage with others, and let their avatars do activities together in the virtual world. So despite its adorable and user-friendly appearance, we won’t be surprised if NFTs make a more prominent feature later on. Something to think about before hopping on the bandwagon!

WTF is Bondee, and why is it on everyone’s feeds? | Coconuts

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