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In the message, the union organization supported the demands of the people of the Andean nation and their right to hold new general elections, in addition to demanding the release of Professor Pedro Castillo, whom they claim to be the constitutional and legitimate President of the Republic.

The CNTP also backed calls for a Constituent Assembly that would produce a new social pact and the closure of Congress, which is plagued by corruption and ongoing coups that violate the rule of law, the text adds.

The workers’ union also repudiated the atrocities committed by the Boluarte government’s apparatus of repression and the political parties against the people, with a record of dozens of murders and hundreds of wounded and detained.

He also condemned the dictatorial and violent attack on the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, violating the autonomy of one of the most prestigious higher education centers in Peru and the oldest in Latin America.

To put an end to the escalation, the CNTP also called on the Panamanian authorities to fulfill their democratic obligation and uphold the norms of international law and, as a non-aligned country, to help find mechanisms to stop the bloody repression.

For his part, the National Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples of Panama condemned the human rights abuses faced by their peers in Peru due to repression by alleged law enforcement agencies.

A statement from this organization noted that the acts of violence in the Andean nation call for a conscience to reject the brutal abuse of people, including minors.

The statement points out that the majority claims of the Peruvian people are not only related to tangible rights, such as the closure of a congress that does not have the minimum popular approval, early elections and a new constitution: their demands have to do with the return of fundamental values of ethics and morals, he suggests.

It is time for all indigenous peoples, children of the earth, to rise up in a single song of brotherhood, leaving behind so many false official stories, adds this text, which pleads that those responsible for these acts of violence do not go unpunished.


Workers and natives of Panama denounce oppression in Peru – S Chronicles

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