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The pro-Lula wing of the PSD plans a new offensive to try to convince the legendary president, Gilberto Kassab, to date an alliance with the PT in the first round. The movement is led by Senator Alexandre da Silveira, who is president of the PSD in Minas Gerais and national secretary of the party, plus the support of other important legendary leaders.

Silveira will present a formal request for PSD to date with Lula from now on. The lawsuit was previously brought to Kassab, which could not be altered to the position of the acronym. The leader announced that the legend will not support any candidate not in the first round.

Silveira has a meeting with Kassab not next Saturday, when he intends to make a new attempt to remove the president of the PSD from the position of neutrality. “I believe that the PSD cannot be neutral at the moment. President Lula has disputed the presidential elections since 1989 in a democratic manner. Winning or losing, he always respects the results of the polls. The leaf is the only alternative to pacify the nation”, says Silveira in posts on social networks, announcing the offensive to move or PSD.

No party, at the initiative of temporary support from names such as senators Omar Aziz (AM), Otto Alencar (BA) and Carlos Fávaro (MT) and deputy Marcelo Ramos (AM). A member of the group says that, despite the fact that two directorates of the PSD express preference for Bolsonaro, he is not the replacement leader, except for the governor of Paraná, Ratinho Junior, and the president’s ally.

Kassab, therefore, argues that in São Paulo an alliance was formalized with Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), Bolsonaro’s candidate, and that the states of the South opposed the movement to support Lula.

A parliamentarian admits that, for now, Kassab has shown himself to be “irreducible” and that, eventually, the decision will be up to him. More than the Lulista wing of the PSD intends to mark a position.

“So give them that I agree that the PSD should walk from the first shift with President Lula’s candidacy. We respect President Kassab’s position, we await his guidance, more so than those who fight within the party so that, from the first round, people sign a commitment to democracy. And this commitment is to walk with Lula not first shift,” Marcelo Ramos told CNN.

The temporary movement endorsed by Lula. He found allies last week in Brasília, he asked for his efforts to try to expand the agreements signed by PT no first time. And he cited MDB, PSD and União Brasil as support to pursue.


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Wing pro-Lula do PSD face nova offensive to convince Kassab to date alliance with PT

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