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A driver who appears to be accelerating to hit head-on a stroller with a baby in it is still wanted.

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“It was terrible, she was screaming,” says a man who witnessed the incident, to our journalist Yves Poirier for TVA Nouvelles. “We arrived two seconds after the impact and saw the woman running towards the stroller.”

The driver at fault reportedly slowed down first at the intersection of Bloomfield and Lajoie avenues. He then continued on his way, hitting a stroller in which a child of about one year old was.

A video posted on Twitter shows the scene. We see the baby’s guardian manage to avoid the car at the last second, but the stroller is violently hit by a black vehicle.

Miraculously, the 16-month-old baby who was securely fastened in the stroller was not injured.

“The child was frightened, but he was well attached,” says the witness. “I made eye contact with the driver before crossing and he saw I was crossing, he looked at me.”

The Montreal Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.

“We saw a situation that is completely horrible, which is completely unfortunate,” said the Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel. “In this case, there will be an investigation.”

The police are asking for the public’s help. The SPVM is currently unable to provide the license plate or the description of the driver’s vehicle.

According to the information gathered by our journalist Yves Poirier, the person on the run has a sticker for sector 1 and therefore lives in Outremont.

The police therefore invite him to go to his neighborhood station.

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“We arrived two seconds after the impact” – OI Canadian

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