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common social media Twitter platform broke fire for alleged manipulation of algorithm.

“manipulative algorithm” made to the top three directions in United State on Friday, with over 2,600 tweets were sent mentioning issue.

Users have complained about manipulative algorithms, saying they are getting bombarded content from people they don’t followplus ads, instead of posts made by people They actually are follow.

Twitter newly updated The algorithm boosted posts from future terrorist sympathizers of Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14, a month-long study by the Turkish newspaper Sabah to analyze suggested tweets found.

the social media The platform’s algorithm, which now divides timelines into “For You” and “Following,” intentionally hides content or content Created by supporters of The ruling Justice and Development Party. Instead, it puts tweets on User schedules from individual and bot accounts of Supporters of PKK terrorist organization and the FETÖ terrorist group.

Such an incident occurs less than two months before the much anticipated vote And it raises questions about purposeful manipulation. He. She also The Cambridge Analytica scandal where the consulting firm worked is considered for Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign in United States and Acquisitions access On a personal level information of millions of Facebook accounts for Determine the characteristics of voters and target them. SCL Elexion, and parent group of Cambridge Analytica, offices opened in Turkish as well.

Although for real Users, Twitter has also become a fertile ground for Bots actively used by terrorist groups and individuals serving specific purposes.

In the past month, since the earthquakes February 6 hit Southeast Turkey, misinformation campaign began to spread on especially social media Platforms to create fear, anxiety and panic among citizens.

Sabah’s report searched Twitter posts made Between February 6th and March 13th in connection with the earthquake and find out of The 266,334,080 million jobs made By 21,493,445 accounts, prof total of 5,362,720 were made Through bot accounts, which corresponds to approximately 25.55% of the total.

the report found that about 27% of That’s 5.3 million posts, 1,493,256 to be exact, that were made Through bot accounts run by the FETÖ terrorist organization and the PKK.

Moreover, 33% of All posts mentioning the Turkish word “Urdu”. for “Army” and the accusation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) of being late in Her response was two days ago made by bots.

Twitter is also submerged in water with Bot accounts that appeared after municipalities run By the CHP began allocating larger budgets to the organizing agencies social media campaigns. For example, several bot accounts shared the same tweet saying that they are villagers from Central Province of Konya who “You can’t afford the costs of His/her tractor will no longer vote for AKP, though the vote for the party for two decades.

Twitter Accused of Using Deceptive Algorithms

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