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Hallmark Channel’s new family drama The way home follows three generations of mothers and daughters with complicated relationships… and a connection to a time travel portal?

Sunday’s premiere begins with a scene from Port Haven, New Brunswick, circa 1814, in which a mob of men chases after a young woman they believe is a witch. Before they can catch her, the woman says something mysterious and jumps into a small body of water.

Review of the way homeCut to present-day Minneapolis, where Kat (played by super girl‘s Chyler Leigh) and her ex-husband Brady (Pretty tough cases‘ Al Mukadam) struggles with her rebellious teenage daughter, Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow), who sets off the fire alarm at a school talent show and then throws a party at her house. After her ex proves completely useless in disciplining Alice, Kat decides it’s time for a fresh start. She was fired from her newspaper job and her estranged mother, Del (cedar bay‘s Andie MacDowell) wrote her a letter asking her to come home, so this is the perfect opportunity to start fresh on her family farm in Port Haven, Canada.

Kat hasn’t been home in 20 years because the place carries heavy memories of her father and little brother Jacob, both deceased, although Del has removed all trace of them from the home. This creates tension between mother and daughter, which is further complicated by Del’s insistence that she never sent a letter to Kat. Meanwhile, Kat and Alice aren’t doing much better as Alice is constantly on a teenage funk about her new home, school, etc.

Mother and daughter find a friendly face in Elliot (Awkward‘s Evan Williams), who was Kat’s neighbor/best friend before they lost touch and is now the high school science teacher. (He is in addition divorced, Del points out.) When Elliot sees Alice, something flickers across his face. He then tells Alice at school that if she ever needs to talk, he’s available anywhere, anytime.

Review of the way homeWhen Alice misses her first day of school, Kat tracks her down and tells her that her father’s new girlfriend is moving in, so any hope Alice had of living with him is gone. She runs to the pond in the farm’s grounds and throws the bracelet her father gave her mother (which she gave to Alice) before deciding to get it. But when she reaches for it, Alice falls into the water… and is pulled out by her teenage mom (I’m Frankie‘s Alex Hook) in 1999!

In this timeline, Kat is still friends with Elliot and has just landed a summer camp job where she will meet her future husband and Alice’s father. The family dynamics are completely different, too, as Alice learns when she meets Kat, Del, Kat’s father, Colton (When hope calls‘s Jefferson Brown) and her little brother Jacob.

After dinner, Alice finds the teenager Elliot (David Webster) and tells him that he once said she could come to him for help. Back in the present, Kat finds a Polaroid Jacob took during their 1999 dinner and an indistinguishable Alice. Meanwhile, Elliot assures a concerned Kat, who has no idea where Alice has gone, that her daughter will find her way home. As the episode ends, Elliot is waiting by the pond.

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The Way Home Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 Premieres on Hallmark Channel – World Time Todays

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