In this article, you will get all information regarding The Spanish Federation’s Stance Against Barcelona in the Arbitration Gate Dispute

Spanish football became union latest in long line of Entities to initiate legal action against Barcelona in A burgeoning corruption scandal.

spp last A week Barcelona was officially charged of Allegations of corruption, fraudulent management and fraud of documentation in regarding payments of millions of euro for more More than a decade of a subsidiary of Vice President of country’s arbitration committee.

A judge ordered an investigation of the charges, and prosecutors specialized in Anti-corruption was handling the case.

siding others against the club include spanish governmentSpanish league, Real Madrid and more clubs. They will blame all sides in procedures over Controversial payments that shocked the Spanish football.

Union said on Thursday, he sent a report to UEFA as to why he was going against Barcelona. She said she was cooperating with Authorities, launched their own investigation.

she called for “Serenity” in the world of football for “help reduce Tensions” surrounding the arbitration group in Spain.

“This is not helpful for football. The union said justice takes time, and alleged illegal actions must be proven.

Barcelona payments have become public last Month. the club He denied any wrongdoing or dispute of interest, saying it is paid for Technical reports on Rulers but did not try to influence them decisions in games.

Club president Joan Laporta said Barcelona was “the victim of a campaign to harm her honor.”

prosecutors said in Court, the proposed payments documents were published before club sum up to 7.3 million euros ($7.7 million) from 2001 to 2018. They said that “the amount is not justified because it was not expected in assignments of the club And did not agree to it general mobilize (of club members).”

There is still no evidence that the rulers or game results Actually during this period in which barcelona made payments.

The Spanish Federation’s Stance Against Barcelona in the Arbitration Gate Dispute

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