In this article, you will get all information regarding The holy imam of Istanbul chefs for Youth, up to 600 families in need

A devoted imam in The religious Fatih neighborhood in Istanbul spends its life after-work hours to cook for about 100 young people and supervises distribution of Helping food and clothing to the needy in neighborhood.

Solid Kassar who He acted as an imam of Construction of Harem Kavush Mosque in 16thy century Designed by the Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, the mosque was served for the past 26 years old and happy to extend a helping hand to those in need in Anadolu Agency (AA) reported on self-initiated projects.

One of Kaçar’s inspiring projects were the Uhuvvet market (brotherhood market) and clothing store It is located inside the courtyard of the mosque where Imam Al-Rahim distributes basic supplies to those in need. the poor and destitute in The neighborhood usually visits the mosque on a regular Basis for basic food collection. The mosque also hands out Free bread (Askıda ekmek) to hundreds of people in Morning on on a daily basis.

60-year-old imam said to a. official Duties of the imam of The mosque.

Pointing out that he wants to change the perception that mosques are just places of Worship, Cassar said he wanted to ensure Mosques bring together the needy and the merciful people who want to help.

For example, the mosque authorities asked community to donate their used clothes for Wash, iron and bring a smile on person in need face” projectwhich allowed them to donate clothes, shoes, blankets, and more. 600 families in need in Benefiting the neighborhood from mosque projects.

“We are visiting homes on a regular basis and know Where sick and bedridden and disabled people live’, adding that he and him team ensure Donations are not lost. He continued by saying that they should stop recording more people after 600y family Because “unfortunately” they can’t afford it more.

Besides donations, Imam Kassar is watching up His sleeves after cooking prayers for The neighborhood guys, they usually make three different dishes. “It’s a pleasure to cook. I put on an apron after I’m done with My mosque duties and cooking three different dishes for “At least 40 to 50 guys, sometimes 80 to 100 guys,” Cassar said, adding that they could hire a cook but he wanted to be part of Practical and impressing young people.

“Life is inside the mosque and the mosque is inside life,” he said, adding that he will continue to do so help The needy as long as the benefactors contribute to his projects.

The holy imam of Istanbul chefs for Youth, up to 600 families in need

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