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Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who he currently leading the main opposition in country, called for Distrust vote in the parliament over Wiretapping scandal, for which he was blamed on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

lefty former said the prime minister parliament that conservative Mitsotakis was the “mastermind and mastermind.” behind This is amazing criminal networkAfter revealing that A minister and top five defense Officials were under state surveillance.

mitotakis, who he on Visit Crete took up Mitt said, “We’re all set for This is political battle. “

Distrust vote is to be held on Friday. the government nominally reliable on No fewer than 156 legislators in The 300-seat parliament, which is enough to survive the action.

the move It comes as Mitsotakis is expected to announce a date for This early election year.

He was expected to do a job announcement in March, but no confidence vote can speed up decision.

In a stirring speech, Tsipras on Wed said he had proof of State monitoring from Greece’s Communications Monitoring Agency ADAE, which was implemented recently out Check the connections in the country operators.

Previous-prime minister ADAE President Christos Ramos informed him on Tuesday that greece former energy ministerIt head of Chief of Staff, Army Commander, former national A security advisor and two relevant officials with The arms purchases were monitored by the government’s intelligence agency, the EYP.

Tsipras said Mitsotakis “consciously lied”. for six months and wasthrown the whole weight of his power to prevent truth from coming out.

“Bullying” detectives

He said state officials have “hunted down” investigative reporters who He sought to expose the scam and also He tried to “bully” Ramos to silence him.

The scandal appeared in July when Nikos Androulakis, MEP and leader of Greek socialist party (Pasuk Kinal), took Legal action against try to sneak him in mobile Telephone using Illegal spyware known as Predator.

After the revelation, Mitsotakis admitted that Androulakis had been spotted by state intelligence, without revealing reasonbut categorically denied that the authorities used the Predator.

the government vehemently denied news stating that dozens of The leading Greeks were being watched via Predator, including former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, several current ministers, military heads media Owners and journalists.

Mitsotakis has called the reports “conspiracy theories” and “fairy tales…without an iota.” of Evidence”.

In August, the head of the Greek secret service, as well as his close aide and nephew prime ministerthey both quit over Observing the socialist leader.

the government last A month passed new set the law out tougher eavesdropping regulations.

But critics Notice that one of Mitsotakis first when it became prime minister in 2019, had to attach a file national Intelligence service for his character office.

Tsipras on On Wednesday, he said Mitsotakis organized network To “control and blackmail” both political opponents and allies.

Judicial investigation and parliamentary investigation has not yet been cast light on Subject.

On January 20, a report in investigative news Inside Story said the Greek data protection The Authority (DPA), another independent oversight body, has found more More than 20 cell phones were targeted with Predator malware.

a senior member of Cross-party European Commission investigating allegations of illegality use of Spying programs in European Union countries, MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld, had expressed interest in Talk to each of the independent Greek agencies.

“You asked for a hearing… with Greek DPA and ADAE at the very least possible She said last week.

On a visit to Greece in November, the PEGA committee called on Athens to do more to investigate the scandal.

The Greek opposition urges no confidence vote over eavesdropping

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