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The turning point indetection on cooperatives caribou and aid consortium it arrived yesterday. Aboubakar Soumahoro’s mother-in-law, Marie Therese Mukamitsindo is investigated embezzlement. Diverting public funds and subsidies is a criminal offence. It provides for a prison sentence of between six months and four years. And apparently it goes back to reports other than those of the union Uiltucs. For the time being, instead, the only suspected crime is by Destruction and concealment of accounting records. While another hypothesis of the crime may arrive shortly. The from child abuse. Which instead refers to the conditions of the guests (ten minors of Tunisian and Egyptian nationality) in the structures of the cooperative. Meanwhile, the Green-Left Alliance is asking MPs for answers: Yesterday’s session ended after three hours at 9 p.m. and was updated to today.

INPS contributions and employee deductions

And another fact emerges in relation to the cooperative caribou. La Stampa reports today that the Coop has debts to the one and a half million against the tax consultant. Because he didn’t pay wage deductions, INPS contributions and corporate taxes. The stable run by his mother-in-law, by his partner Liliane Murekatete and from his brother-in-law Michael Rukundo has matured December 31, 2021 a joint debt of 2 million and 425 thousand euros. another brother-in-law, Richard Mutanganaintroduced himself as the project manager of Karibu and took part Rwanda some transfers currently under investigation by the public prosecutor Latin. Not only: caribou received Covid grants for 227 thousand euros. Likewise the State Labor Inspectorate “For months” he has been conducting investigations into the two cooperatives, the documents are “completed”, as the Ansa news agency writes. And get four workers the wage payment through the Prefecture of Latin. Yesterday, the cooperative reached what it claimed was an agreement with one of them 8 thousand euros. That 29 Instead, we’re going to talk about workers without a contract and a worker who hasn’t received a salary and a thirteenth month since January 2020. Karibu failed to provide payslips or remittances.

cooperative salaries

Another issue that the prosecutor’s office has highlighted is the cooperative’s salaries. Il Fatto Quotidiano writes that the annual accounts show that only in 2021 for the caribou i 4 partners have received total compensation 392,801 EUR. Some of the sums would have ended up abroad. Especially at Rwanda, where part of the family of the MP’s mother-in-law is located. As for the political question, Soumahoro he cannot be expelled from parties because he is not a member, while a collegial meeting of elected officers is required to approve a suspension. Angelo Bonelli told AdnKronos yesterday that the deputy was not at risk: “We are an alliance that makes things happen warranty an important principle. What is certain is that we have said that there is a political issue that deals with this Comparison is necessary and urgent with Aboubakar who owes explanations not only to us but also to those who voted for us and we urge this meeting to take place as soon as possible ».

The funds of the workers’ union

Finally, there is the question of the resources of the League of Workers. Usb had asked last January where they ended up. La Repubblica declares today that it is about it 250,000 euros came through subscriptions and donations. From July to December 2021, the newspaper explains, the former vice president of the league counted eight speeches. With a total cost between masks and meals of 55 thousand euros. They add, they argue: “four thousand and 500 euros» the transport costs. “Where have the others gone? 200 thousand?”. Soumahoro had released last summer households 2020: «He declares that he spent 120 thousand eurosif instead those actually issued in the field had been no more than 60 thousand. Where are the others?”.

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The Embezzlement Investigation Into Soumahoro’s Mother In Law And Unpaid Taxes: What’s In The Investigations Into The Karibu Cooperative And Consorzio Aid? – S Chronicles

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