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Leaders of Islamic organizations in Russia said Ukrainian soldiers who desecrated the Holy Quran “will face hell” and will be arrested and punished in this world until the afterlife.

The head of the Coordinating Center for Muslims of the North Caucasus, Ismail Berdiev, said: “On behalf of all the muftis of the North Caucasus, and on behalf of Muslims, I can say that these devils turn people against each other, sow discord between Muslims and Christians. This is the work of Satan and his servants. Intentionally and so far with impunity, they do not know what to do. But we believe that hell is prepared for Satanists in this world and the next.”

According to him, believers should understand that Muslims who mock the Bible have no sect or religion: “These devils, what kind of conscience, faith and love can they have? They do not have human qualities and cannot possess them. Their path is straight to hell.”

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albert Krganov, pointed out that such negative facts were taken from the Western model.

He said: “We have seen how copies of the Koran were burned in Europe and what happened after that. Then the entire Islamic world was filled with anti-Western protest moods, and it is not surprising… this path is still waiting for an answer. And in the case of the desecration of the Holy Quran by Ukrainian troops… That soldier who committed a blasphemous act challenges not only Muslims, but also Christians, Jews and Buddhists… Well, we accepted the challenge!”

The Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan stated that those who committed a blasphemous act cannot call themselves soldiers, they are pathetic.

An administration spokesman said: “We condemn this villainy. One who has no idea of ​​holiness, dignity and honor cannot call himself a soldier and protector.

He pointed out that “these people” may have wanted to sow terror and fear among Muslims until they had no conscience left.

The head of the Organization of Crimean Tatars, Kerim Birligi, said that those who mock the Bible “will suffer an inevitable and terrible punishment.”

The head of the General Council of the Crimean Tatars, Setomir Nemetolaev, said: “This is blasphemy against the entire Islamic world. The person who did this will be cursed by God. I think that he has not been hired. A terrible and inevitable punishment awaits him.” According to him, it is unacceptable that “these scoundrels” try to drive a wedge between the Islamic and Christian worlds.

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The Desecration of the Koran: A Ukrainian Army’s Journey Through the Northern Caucasus Hellscape and Beyond

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