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Creative professionals will enjoy the excellent new features that iPhone 13 and 13 Pro an offer. Multiple rear cameras can capture amazing photos and videos. Perhaps most notable, however, is the addition of ProRes to iPhone 13 Pro, allowing you to create a much more professional-looking post-production look. This means that now creative professionals can include them telephones in their productions.

And of course, you can just walk out the front door with your phone and grab some beautiful shotsbut there are plenty of iPhone 13 accessories you can use that will help you take your videos and photos to new levels to wow your followers.

Here’s our list of the best tools to pair with yours iPhone to give your photos a boost. Every iPhone 13 accessory listed here has been tested by us to make sure it works as well as expected. If it didn’t impress, it didn’t make the list.

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Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Camera cages are common tools that allow you to attach a wide variety of accessories to your DSLR, including lights, microphones, grips, and external monitors. SmallRig’s new mobile cage offers much of the same functionality, but for your iPhone, with multiple attachment points around the edge to attach whatever accessories you need.

I used the cage with an attached LED light with hood, a PolarPro tripod and a Rode microphone (all seen below) which makes for an amazing mobile vlog platform. The SmallRig also offers a variety of proprietary attachments, including top and side handles that help provide stability when hand-held while shooting. The cage is solidly built from aluminum, has bayonet lens mounts (see below) and has a convenient clip for easy insertion and removal of your phone.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Anamorphic lenses are usually something you would find in a professional cameraman’s bag. These lenses provide a wider aspect ratio, along with distinctive blue-line flares that give shots a much more cinematic quality. Moment’s mobile anamorphic lens does just that for your iPhone.

Hook it up and it will compile your footage into a shorter, wider format that completely transforms the way the video you can shoot from your phone. I really liked the look of my phone footage using the lens, and it’s a must for any budding filmmaker looking to up their phone game.

You’ll need to shoot with apps like Filmic Pro that allow you to “squeeze” your footage so it doesn’t look all distorted. The lens uses a bayonet mount that attaches to compatible cases, including Moment’s own or various third-party options, including the SmallRig cage mentioned above.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

This USB-C rechargeable LED video light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but emits a huge amount of light. It’s great for lighting your subjects, whether it’s portraits, product photography or macro, or for lighting yourself if you’re vlogging at night. Output power is easily adjusted, as is the color temperature of the light.

There are also a variety of creative effects to spice up your production, including simulations of fireworks, lightning, a flickering fireplace or flashing red and blue police car lights.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The iPhone 13’s built-in image stabilization is already superb, but for an even smoother ride, consider using a dedicated gimbal like DJI’s OM 5. It evens out all but the most aggressive movements, allowing you to get smooth tracking shots of you running behind your subject while shooting a chase scene.

It also has a built-in extendable selfie stick, which not only makes it great for YouTube vloggers, but also allows for more creative angles by holding it higher or even turning it around and having the camera pan close to the ground or through grass .

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Recording good audio for your vlogs or your next iPhone-based short film is crucial, and while the iPhone does a decent job of recording audio, a dedicated microphone will take things to the next level. Rode’s VideoMicro shotgun microphone plugs into your phone’s Lightning port (via an adapter) and delivers crystal-clear audio when recording with the standard iPhone camera app or any third-party video app.

I like to use it on my phone for vlogging and the included wind shield is superb for reducing wind noise when working on location. Alternatively, grab a 3.5mm extension cable and you can try using the microphone on the end of the boom pole to record audio in a conversation you’re filming.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

At $1,795, industry goliath Profoto’s B10 studio flash will be little more than a pipe dream for most. But if you want to get really professional lighting on location or in the studio using your iPhone, the B10 is second to none. This professional flash is primarily designed for use with DSLR cameras, but can also be used with iPhone and Android phones via the Profoto app. It lets you take photos with your phone that simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

Of course, most professionals probably wouldn’t consider shooting a large project with just their phone, but it’s a potentially great backup in case the camera breaks, or just a light and convenient way to test ideas in the field without lugging bags of gear around.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Having a solid tripod can make all the difference in getting steady, jitter-free video, especially if you want to put yourself in the frame. PolarPro’s minimalistic Apex tripod is a great option for mobile makers, as its compact size means it’s easy to fit into a backpack, but is massive enough to support larger cameras if you need to.

I like to use it for still shots and hold my phone up to shoot vlogs while walking around. Available either with an integrated swivel ball head or as tripod legs only. I prefer the latter as it allows me to use my own compact ball heads which are more stable under heavier loads.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Instead of using screw clamps to secure your phone in place, the Moment tripod mount uses Apple’s MagSafe system, which makes it incredibly quick to get your phone in place and start shooting. When you’re done, simply rip your phone off the magnetic disk and slip it back into your pocket. easy!

The minimalist approach to the design of the stand makes it extremely compact, so it’s no problem to always carry it with you when inspiration strikes. The magnets are also strong, so you don’t have to worry about your phone popping out while walking around. It’s available as a stand alone or with a cold shoe clamp (pictured) to attach a microphone when vlogging.

The best iPhone 13 accessories for better mobile videos and photos – Digital Tech Blog

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