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It seems that this year will be the year of the divorces for celebrities and it is that in 2023 it has just started and several breakups have already been announced, some marriages that have been pretty solid like that of Andrea Legarreta and Erick RubinGalilea Montijo and Fernando Reina and Tania Rincón with Daniel Pérez but there is a breakup that has sparked speculation and that is that of Thalia Well, for the past few weeks, it has been rumored that she has split from her husband Tommy Mottola.

But there’s one topic that’s been talked about a lot in relation to this couple, and it’s the pension the tycoon would have to give them actress in the event that they divorce and that it should be taken into account that the couple has two children and they were 23 years together.

Thalía and Tommy have two children, Sabrina and Mateo.

The alleged separation from Thalia and Tommy began after the singer quit share photos next to him and it was that he kept uploading some snaps where he wrote how much he loved him. lovedLater, the tabloids started talking about it, assuring that the couple had done it complete.

But that’s not all, there is a strong rumor that the couple had broken up due to an alleged infidelity between the businessman and the Peruvian singer Leslie Shawwho is 40 years old less than him. There has been constant speculation, but neither Tommy nor Thalía have confirmed their divorce.

That’s the millionaire number Tommy Mottola would pay as a pension

If the split between them is confirmed, it is believed that Mottola will have to pay the protagonist of María la del Barrio a million dollars, considering her ex-husband’s fortune is already in place 200 million dollarsthat is about 3,800 million pesos.

It is said that the age difference played against the couple

And although the producer has two more children, Sabrina and Matthew You’re still a minor, which would be $100 million, which is about the same as minel 900 million pesos for alimony and inheritance.


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That’s The Million Dollar Alimony That Tommy Mottola Thalía Would Pay In The Event Of A Divorce – S Chronicles

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