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There’s just no stopping Art the Clown; not only is everyone’s new favorite slasher icon capable of bouncing back from decapitation and taking a bullet to the brain, but with the help of a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign, even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t prevent Terrifier 2 from seeing the light of the day.

An $11.2 million box office turnaround from a $250,000 budget is an obtusely impressive feat,down in no small part to the franchise’s distinct reputation for boasting some of the goriest dispatches in the world; the bloodstained stunts pulled by Terrifier 2 in particular reportedly caused fainting and vomiting from audience members.

Such patrons should hold on to their lunches, because Terrifier 3 is well on its way, and director Damien Leone looks to have no intention of holding anything back.

For those of us who didn’t need emergency services to prematurely haul us out of the theater, the end of Terrifier 2 saw an institutionalized Victoria Heyes, a survivor of Art’s rampage in the original, begin to give birth to Art’s head, proving once again that the devilish jester can’t be kept down.

It’s a safe bet that audiences will eat up Terrifier 3 with the same gusto they did with the previous films, but while it will undoubtedly chiefly draw the gore-happy crowd, others are hoping that Art’s third rampage will spend some time shoring up the lore of this world.

Others even hoped that Terrifier 3 will be the franchise’s swansong, lest Art the Clown ends up facing the one thing that could actually kill him; diminishing returns.

We have no word on when Terrifier 3 could be releasing, but we do know that a full script treatment is in Leone’s hands as of last month, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for concrete timeline updates.

‘Terrifier’ director teases a ‘wild’ third outing for horror icon Art the Clown

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