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Sunshine, friendship, love, and adventure—what more could you ask for in your free time during the summer months? But whether you’ve dated a significant other for years or several months, it can be difficult to brainstorm new, fun, and memorable dates to go on together. If this is your case, consider these summer fun date ideas for the adventurous. Enjoy experiencing something new together while documenting it for your scrapbook, whether digital or hardcopy.

Boat Tour

Consider a boat tour for a unique date to go on. Enjoy being on the water without having to search high and low for an acquaintance to take you on the water with their boat. Although boat tours usually have other sightseers, it can be a great opportunity to meet friends; not to mention, you’ll enjoy being close to the cool water while enjoying the beautiful views. For example, the snake river boat tour winds through the Hells Canyon and provides a dinner and views you don’t want to miss. Regardless of the tour you choose, enjoy being with your date while trying something new.

Sports Game

Whether one or both of you are sports fanatics, a sports game is a great way to experience some adventure together. The cheering atmosphere, the drinks and food, good company—it’s the perfect setup for a date. Keep in mind that this will not likely be an atmosphere to ask each other deep questions. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, a sports game such as baseball may be what you’re looking for.

Farmer’s Market

Enjoy some wholesome fun while strolling in the sunshine at a local farmers’ market. From organic food to flowers, crafts, and music—the fun is endless. If you want a little adventure without feeling exhausted afterward, this may be a great choice for you. Farmers’ markets can have unique vendors that you wouldn’t have seen or tried otherwise. This is why a farmers’ market makes the list of summer fun date ideas for the adventurous. Enjoy the process of trying something new and possibly adventurous with your loved one.

Summer Fun Date Ideas for the Adventurous – 2UrbanGirls

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