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POTTERVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) – This weekend, we reported on a 7-month-old Siberian husky that was stolen from Aces Auto in Potterville.

Thanks in part to the community’s help the dog was returned safely to its owner.

It was a long 48 hours for Loki’s owners but with a helpful tip from the community, the Michigan State Police were able to track the dog and the thieves down.

The thieves even texted and apologized.

“It feels better than you can imagine. He’s my buddy he’s with me all the time,” said Elijah Mercer, Loki’s owner.

Mercer was inside his home Friday night when he let Loki outside.

That’s when a man in a green SUV got out of the passenger seat, went up to Loki, grabbed him by the chain, pulled him to his car, and took off!

“That was my biggest worry was right when I realized that somebody had taken him was that I hope that am able to get it out quick enough to where he is able to be found,” said Mercer.

Mercer immediately posted the video and story to Facebook, the post was shared hundreds of times.

Thanks to a tip, state police found Loki Sunday morning and brought him home.

Police say the thieves drove by a couple of times and seemed to be scoping the place out.

In a surprising turn of events, later that night, the dog snatcher texted Mercer to apologize and said he did it because he was drunk.

Mercer did not respond, but when asked what he would say to the thief:

“If I could say what I really thought, it wouldn’t be nice, it’s not airable.”

Mercer says they were not the brightest thieves because not only did one of them admit to the crime, they didn’t see the big sign that said security cameras in use.

“If you didn’t see that you might even the camera it got like a nice dot at night it’s pretty noticeable. Right in the corner right where everybody puts them,” he said.

State police say they’re still investigating.

No arrests have been made.

Michigan law states stealing an animal carries a misdemeanor charge.

As for Mercer, he says this is a good reminder to keep a close eye on your pets because this could happen to anyone.

Stolen dog reunited after theft is caught on camera

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