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SINGAPORE: The son of ex-Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong, Karl Liew, is set to enter a guilty plea on March 30 for lying in the case of acquitted Indonesian helper Parti Liyani.

The younger Mr Liew is facing one count each of giving false evidence and furnishing false information to a public servant in the helper’s case.

He is currently out on bail of S$15,000.

In a high-profile case that made headlines in Singapore in 2020, High Court Judge Chan Seng Onn released the ruling that acquitted Ms Parti, who worked for the family of Mr Liew Mun Leong, from 2007 to 2016.

The former CAG chair filed a police report against Ms Parti on Oct 30, 2016, as he claimed to have found items among her boxes that belonged to his family. The helper was arrested when she returned to Singapore on Dec 2, 2016.

In August 2017, she was charged with four counts of theft, which involved 144 items valued at more than S$50,000.

Two months later, she filed a report at the Ministry of Manpower, saying she had been illegally deployed to clean the home and office of Karl Liew.

On March 20, 2019, District Judge Olivia Low sentenced the helper to two years and two months in jail for theft, which the helper appealed against.

On Sept 4, 2020, she was acquitted of the charges of theft. Justice Chan noted in his decision that there was “reason to believe that the Liew family … took the pre-emptive first step to terminate” Ms Parti to prevent her from filing a complaint of illegal deployment.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Liew stepped down as CAG chairman.

In Nov 2020, Karl Liew was charged with intentionally giving false evidence in the trial of Ms Parti two years earlier when he said that a T-shirt and blouse found among her possessions belonged to him.

He was also charged with having lied to a policeman in 2016 when he said he discovered “119 pieces of clothing” belonging to him in boxes the helper had packed.


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Son of ex-Changi Airport Group chairman set to plead guilty for lying in Parti Liyani case – Singapore News

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