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Researchers and farmers support targets – it’s the EU Commission’s turn to implement the demands of 1 million citizens

Brussels, Vienna (OTS) – Together with scientists, the initiators of the European Citizens’ Initiative (EBI) “Save the bees and the farmers!” presented the demands of more than 1 million Europeans to the Environment Committee (ENVI), Agriculture Committee (AGRI) and the Committee on Petitions (PETI) of the EU Parliament in Brussels. “The European Commission confirms that the demands of 1 million citizens led it to present the first legally binding proposal for a 50% reduction in pesticides (Sustainable Use Regulation – SUR) in June 2022. In addition, the EU Commission introduced a law for the restoration of nature. Both legislative proposals are under serious threat from conservative forces and agribusiness interests”, the creators of ICE warned yesterday at the hearing (VIDEO). “We call on the co-legislators, Parliament and Council, to work constructively in the forthcoming legislative process to implement the demands of ‘Save the bees and the farmers!’ and guarantee the future productivity of agriculture”.

the requirements

1,054,973 Europeans: with the EBI “Save the bees and the farmers” they demand an end to chemical-synthetic pesticides in agriculture, the restoration of nature and biodiversity, as well as good support for farmers in converting to agroecology. This ECI is only the seventh successful European Citizens’ Initiative and, after “Stop Glyphosate”, the second to campaign for the reduction of pesticides in agriculture.

Summary of hearing at the EU Parliament

EBI Co-Initiator “Save Bees and Farmers!” Martin Dermine of the European Pesticide Action Network (PAN Europe) told the EU Parliament hearing: “Pesticides are toxins that kill bees, butterflies and other pollinators, as well as plants and microorganisms. Pesticides endanger our health, especially the health of farmers. Pesticides are also a key factor in global extinction. of species. We must now start working with nature and not against nature! It is the function of politics to protect the health of citizens: instead of prioritizing agribusiness.”

“If we want to preserve the world as we know it, we have to change the way we deal with it. If we want to ensure long-term food security, there is no alternative but to reduce pesticides. science, not industry!” appealed Helmut Burtscher-Schaden, co-organizer of EBI, GLOBAL 2000 on behalf of 1 million supporters for the EU Parliamentarians of the EU Committee on Agriculture and the Environment.

Pesticides have been used in Europe for over 60 years and they are still around. there is no systematic data on patterns of pesticide and residue use in ecosystems and humans Before. The Horizon 2020-funded SPRINT project is the first to answer many of these questions. Professor Violette Geissen, a researcher at Wageningen University, presented the results of the first European study to the European Parliament, carried out in the summer of 2021 in ten locations in Europe. “Pesticide residues are ubiquitous in ecosystems and humans and accumulate to high levels in indoor dust. Most of this waste is dangerous for ecosystems and for humans. What is the real risk to ecosystems and humans when exposed to mixtures containing high levels of hazardous pesticide residues? We need legislation that applies the precautionary principle and regulates risk reduction and pesticide use. We need a transition to a 2030 modern agriculture based on agroecological concepts”, draws the Researcher Violette Geissen, Wageningen University, in view of the balance of the results of the study.

Jeroen Candel, Food and Agricultural Policy at Wageningen University, said at the hearing: “On behalf of more than 700 scientists from all European Member States and scientific disciplines, I am here to share our deep concerns about the recent policy change in relation to the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUR) Regulation. use their political savvy to achieve a true green revolution in Europe’s food system.

The French farmer Jean-Bernard Lozierwhich has reduced the use of pesticides in its conventional agriculture by 80%, told the hearing about his experience: “The large reduction in the use of chemicals has not resulted in significant yield losses, while I have reduced my workload. I am a happy farmer and the My farm’s profitability is comparable to that of my neighbors.”

Critical Member States and Members of the European Parliament must stop blocking, delaying or watering down the Pesticide Reduction and Biodiversity Restoration Acts! More than 1 million citizens are calling on the EU to act quickly and boldly to contain the dramatic climate and biodiversity crisis,” said the initiators of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Save Bees and Farmers!” finally.

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“Save the Bees and the Farmers!”: Successful EU Citizens’ Initiative at the EU Parliament in Brussels – S Chronicles

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