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Israel continues its air strikes on the besieged West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In the attacks, 10 Palestinians, including a 5-year-old child, lost their lives and 55 were injured.

The world reacted to the attacks as well.

“There can be no justification for an attack on civilians”

Tor Wennesland, United Nations Special Envoy for the Middle East Peace Process, said he was “deeply concerned about the ongoing tensions between the Palestinians and Israel”, including the targeted killing of a leading figure of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Gaza.

“In the last few hours, at least 10 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes. I am deeply saddened by the news that a 5-year-old child was killed in these attacks. There can be no justification for any attack on civilians,” said the UN Special Envoy, who said: “Immediate cessation of rocket launches and more He called on all parties to prevent tensions.

Wennesland noted that the recent tensions could also adversely affect the progress made in the gradual opening of crossings in the Gaza Strip since the end of May, at a time when global resources are dwindling and international financial support for Gaza is not readily available.

At the end of the statement, it was stated that “The UN is in full communication with everyone involved in order to prevent another conflict that will have devastating consequences, especially civilians. It is the responsibility of the parties to prevent this from happening.”


In a statement, the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the attack on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

In the statement condemning the attack, it was stated that the Palestinian people should be provided with international protection and Israel should be prevented from acting as an “unaccountable and above international conventions” power.

It was stated that Tunisia will continue to support the untimely rights of the Palestinian people until the Israeli occupation ends and an independent Palestinian state is established.


In a written statement from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip was strongly condemned.

Emphasizing that this attack by Israel is a link in the chain of systematic violations against the Palestinian people, the statement stated that these crimes of Israel are contrary to international law and conventions.

Pointing out that Algeria called on the international community and especially the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take action to stop these attacks by Israel against the civilian Palestinian people, the statement noted that the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are not negotiable.

In the statement, it was emphasized that Algeria stands by the Palestinian people and supports the demand for an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.


“We condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks of the Zionist entity (Israel) against Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians, targeting women and children, and injuring dozens,” the Azhar Institution in Egypt said in a written statement.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the unacceptable and inconceivable silence of the international community encouraged Israel in its repeated attacks against the innocent Palestinian people.

Noting that Israel’s attacks against the Palestinians are a black mark on the forehead of the international community and humanity, Azhar said that Arabs and Muslims should unite to support the Palestinian people.

Reactions from the world to Israel’s attacks targeting civilians

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