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Physics MCQs For Entry Test

Physics MCQs

1. The rectangular coordinate system is also called?

A. Polar coordinate system
B. Cartesian coordinate system
C. Cylindrical coordinate system
D. Spherical coordinate system

2. Maximum number of rectangular components are?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

3. Cosθi^ + Sinθj^ is a?

A. Vector
B. Position Vector
C. Vector in the direction at angle θ with an x-axis
D. The unit vector in the direction at angle θ with an x-axis

4. Maximum number of components of a vector may be?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. Infinite

5. Which one is not correct for a vector A= 2i+2j+3k?

A. Has direction 45° with an x-axis
B. Has magnitude 2
C. Has magnitude 2 and direction °=45° with a y-axis
D. Has magnitude -2

6. The resultant of two forces of equal magnitudes is also equal to the magnitude of the forces. The angle between the two forces is?

A. 30°
B. 60°
C. 90°
D. 120°

7. Three coplanar forces acting on a body keep it in equilibrium. They should therefore be?

A. Concurrent
B. Non-concurrent
C. Parallel
D. Non-parallel

8. Which of the following pairs does not have identical dimensions?

A. Torque and energy
B. Momentum and impulse
C. Energy and work
D. Mass and moment of inertia

9. It is easier to turn a steering wheel with both hands than with a single hand because?

A. Accelerating force increases on the wheel
B. Two forces act on the wheel
C. Two hands provide a firm grip
D. The couple acts on the wheel

10. The cross product i^ x j^ is equal to?

A. Zero
B. One
C. i^
D. k^


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11. The unit vector in the direction of vector A = 2 i^ -2j^ + k^ is?

A. 2i^ – 2j^ + k^
B. (2i^ – 2j^ +k^)/9
C. (2i^ – 2j^ +k^)/3
D. (2i^ – 2j^ +k^)/5

12. The cross product of two vectors is a negative vector when?

A. They are parallel vectors
B. They are anti parallel vectors
C. They are a perpendicular vector
D. They are rotated through 270°

13. In which quadrant, the only value of tan will be positive?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Both 1st and 3rd

14. The magnitude of i^. (j^ x k^) is?

A. 0
B. 1
C. -1
D. i^

15. If A=Ax i^ + Ay j^ + Az K^ B = Bx i^ + By j^ + Bz K^ then?

A. A. B = Ax Bx + Ay By + Az Bz
B. A. B = Ax By + Ay Bz + Az By
C. A. B = Ay Bz + Az By + Az Bx
D. A. B = Ax Bz + Ay By + Az Bx

16. A central force is that which?

A. Can produce torque
B. Cannot produce torque
C. Some time can produce torque some time cannot
D. Has no relation with torque

17. What is the angle that the given vector makes with y-axis and A=2i+3j?

A. 30°
B. 60°
C. 90°
D. 120°

18. In which quadrant the two rectangular components of a vector have same sign?

A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. Both 1st and 3rd
D. 4th

19. Two vectors A and B are making angle θ with each other. The scalar projection of vector B on vector A is written as?

A. A.B/A
B. A.B/B
C. A.cosθ
D. Both a and b are correct

20. Two vectors are A = 3i^+2j^ -k^& B = 3i^-2j^ +k^ , then?

A. B is anti-parallel to A
B. B is a negative vector of A
C. B has a negative magnitude
D. B is perpendicular to A

21. If A=B, which of the following is not correct?

A. A.B = A^ B^
B. |A| = |B|
C. |A^| = |B^|
D. AB^ = BA^

22. I ^. (j^ x k^) is equal to?

A. 1
B. i^
C. j^
D. k^

23. The direction of the vector product is given by?

A. Head to tail rule
B. Right-hand rule
C. Left-hand rule
D. Triangular rule

24. If east, west, north, south, up and down are representing the direction of unit vectors, then east x south has the direction along?

A. West
B. North
C. Down
D. Up

25. Null vector is a vector which has?

A. Zero magnitude
B. No specified direction
C. Both A and B are correct
D. Both A and B are not correct

26. Which one is a unit vector?

A. ??3 i^ + ??3 j^ + ??3 k^
B. 1/??3 i^ + 1/??3 j^ +1/ ??3 k^
C. ??3 / 3 i^ + ??3 / 3 j^ + ??3 / 3 k^
D. Both B and C are correct

27. An angle between two vectors A and B can be determined by?

A. Their dot product
B. Their cross product
C. Head to tail rule
D. Right-hand rule

28. The magnitude of the cross product is equal to the dot product between them. The angle between the two vectors is?

A. 30°
B. 45°
C. 60°
D. 180°

29. Torque is defined as?

A. Turning effect of force
B. Cross product of position vector and force
C. Product of force and moment arm
D. All A, B and C are correct

30. The dimension of torque is?

A. [ML2T-2]
B. [MLT-2]
C. [ML2T]
D. [ML-2T-2]

31. SI unit of torque is?

A. N. m
B. joule
C. Both a and b are correct
D. Neither a nor b is correct

32. Torque acting on a body determines?

A. Acceleration
B. Linear acceleration
C. Angular acceleration
D. Direction of motion of the body

33. A body in equilibrium?

A. Always at rest
B. Always in uniform motion
C. May be at rest or in uniform motion
D. May be at rest or in motion

34. A body will be in complete equilibrium when it is satisfying?

A. 1st condition of equilibrium
B. 2nd condition of equilibrium
C. Both 1st and 2nd condition of equilibrium
D. Impossible

35. Which one is not a type of dynamic equilibrium?

A. Rotational equilibrium
B. Translational equilibrium
C. Static equilibrium
D. Both A and C are correct answer

36. According to which one of following law the density of atom is uniform?

A. J.J.Thomson model
B. Rutherfords model
C. Bohrs model
D. All of the above laws contradict the statement

37. In the nucleus of uranium, the number of neutrons will be?

A. 92
B. 235
C. 143
D. Different for different isotopes

38. During fusion of hydrogen into helium?

A. Energy is absorbed
B. Energy is released
C. Mass is increased due to energy absorption
D. Mass is reduced due to the energy released

39. One AMU is equal to?

A. 1.66 x 10-27kg
B. 166 x 10-15ng
C. 166 x 10-20g
D. All of above

40. For chain reaction to build up the size of the radioactive target should be?

A. Greater than the critical size
B. Less than the critical size
C. Equal to the critical size
D. All of above can build up a change reaction

41. Antimatter consists of ?

A. Antiproton
B. Antineutron
C. Positron
D. All of above

42. Neutron and proton are commonly known as?

A. Nucleon
B. Meson
C. Boson
D. Quartz

43. Which one of the following radiation possesses maximum penetrating power?

A. X-rays
B. B-rays
C. γ-rays
D. All have the equal penetrating power

44. Electrons?

A. Can exist inside the nucleus
B. Cannot exist inside the nucleus
C. Can exist both inside and outside the nucleus
D. Do not know

45. Radioactivity is a (A) Spontaneous activity (B) Chemical property?

A. A & B
B. B & C
C. C & A
D. A B & C

46. The energy liberated when one atom of U-235 undergoes fission reaction is?

A. 200MeV
B. 40MeV
C. 30MeV
D. 20MeV

47. Transuranic elements have an atomic number?

A. Greater than 72
B. Greater than 82
C. Greater than 92
D. Greater than 102

48. Nuclear forces exist between?

A. Proton-proton
B. Proton-neutron
C. Neutron-neutron
D. All of the above

49. Mass defect per nucleon is?

A. The binding energy of the nucleus
B. Packing fraction
C. The average energy of the nucleus
D. All of above are one and the same thing

50. The bombardment of nitrogen with alpha particles will produce?

A. Neutron
B. Proton
C. Electron
D. Positron

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