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Government Kathy Hochul continues to embrace and expand the worst traditions of her disgraced predecessor Andrew Cuomo.

This week, the news broke that a Medicaid service company owned by Russ Maxwell and his wife Morgan McDole has won eight state contracts worth a staggering $403.7 million. And the couple are big donors to Hochul (and Cuomo).

It certainly looks like a classic example of pay-to-play, Albany-style: state rules don’t prohibit or limit fat contributions to the governor from those who bid on state contracts that her followers oversee. (New York City limits bidder and contractor donations to $400.)

Maxwell’s campaign gifts, in particular, were remarkably light until 2012, when he kicked Cuomo’s $25,000 and soon saw his firm win or renew contracts. Maxwell has given Hochul over $32,000 since 2018. McDole, more than $52,000 in the past year (plus $20,000 to the state Democratic Party).

All of this mirrors the ugly story surrounding Hochul’s COVID “emergency power” suspension of some state procurement laws, which allowed the state to pay another medical company (of which the CEO’s family had given nearly $300,000) to her campaign) a staggering $637 million for device testing.

Russ Maxwell is a donor to Hochul and has been a donor to Cuomo in the past.

That kind of return on investment is only possible in the Empire State.

Hochul has made a lot of shady moves around campaign money: misallocating corporate donations and possibly speeding up a campaign donor’s liquor license. And don’t forget, her husband happens to be a senior executive at the company that will likely hold the concession contract at Hochul’s massive Bills stadium.

Not to mention the insane rush for a Penn Station deal that not upgrade the station, but is doing serve the mega-development dreams of Hochul mega-donor Steven Roth.

The government’s vow to bring a new era of transparency to Albany has long been tattered. The only thing that is transparent here is Hochul’s slimy eagerness to please her mighty donors.


Pay-to-play Hochul honors the worst Cuomo tradition – UK Time News

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