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FPSC Patrol Officer Test MCQs and Solved Past Paper

Hey in this article, we will give you the list of most important FPSC Patrol Officer MCQs that are collected from various sources. In this article, we will also upload solved past papers of Federal Public Service Commission Patrol Officer Job.

These MCQs will not only help you to get prepare for your desired job of Patrol Officer in Motorways Police also it will give you the idea about what are the key areas to focus on while preparing for job test.

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Syllabus For Patrol Officer FPSC

Patrol Officer (BS-14) (For departmental employees of NH & MP), National
Highways & Motorway Police, Ministry of Communications.

Part-II :
  • General Intelligence Test = 80 Marks
Part-I (Include MCQs from)
  • Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring 
Part-II (Include MCQs from)
  1. Basic Arithmetic.
  2. Current Affairs.
  3. Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies
  4. Everyday/General Science

Note: (Equal weight-age for each topic at Part-II)


NTS General Knowledge MCQs

NTS Pakistan Studies MCQs

NTS Islamiyat MCQs

NTS Everyday Science MCQs

NTS Computer MCQs



NTS Electrical Engineering MCQs

FPSC Patrol Officer MCQs (Batch-I):

  1. _________ of fire, many more buildings were destroyed than the earthquake itself had damaged.

(A) Consequence
(B) Consequently
(C) Consequences
(D) as a consequence

  1. All right, Johnny, It’s time you _________ to bed.

(A) went
(B) would go
(C) will be going
(D) going to go

  1. Ivan _________ hasn’t repaired his bicycle tire.

(A) yet
(B) soon
(C) Still
(D) already

  1. A chemist prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry _____ in his laboratory.

(A) it out
(B) out it
(C) them out
(D) out them

  1. Here in today’s paper it says the zoo has just obtained _____ animal no one has ever heard of before.

(A) a
(B) the
(C) any
(D) some

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  1. _________ that land was known as Siam but its modern name is Thailand.

(A) origin
(B) Original
(C) Originates
(D) Originally

  1. That book looks like an advanced _________ text to me.

(A) Economic
(B) Economics
(C) Economist
(D) Economical

  1. It’s probable both that there were many severe storms in this area ____ ships sank.

(A) So many
(B) That many
(C) And many
(D) And that many

  1. Does this package belong to _________ or is it yours?

(A) we
(B) us
(C) our
(D) ours

  1. If you don’t want to get wet, then you had better _________ this umbrella with you.

(A) Take
(B) For taking
(C) To take
(D) Taken

  1. My friend would not tell me _________ for his new car.

(A) how much he paid
(B) how he paid much
(C) how much did he pay
(D) how he’d pay very much

  1. The sign said that unauthorized persons were prohibited _____ that restricted area.

(A) Entering
(B) To enter
(C) from entering
(D) not to enter

  1. The reason for the traffic accident was _____ one of the drivers had lost control of his car.

(A) why
(B) when
(C) that
(D) how

  1. The Eiffel Tower is still _______ of the man made structure in the world.

(A) a very high one
(B) highest
(C) one the highest
(D) the higher one

  1. My friend said she is very eager _____ a real Hollywood star.

(A) to meet
(B) for meeting
(C) in meeting
(D) that she can meet

  1. Corporal Jackson, you will obey this order _________ now!

(A) as
(B) just
(C) only
(D) right

  1. The corner market is ______ only until 8:30 pm

(A) opening
(B) opens
(C) opened
(D) Open

  1. Problems common to most countries include the social, economic and _____.

(A) politics
(B) political
(C) government
(D) of government

  1. 10 workers can cut the grass Of sports complex in 40 days. How long will it take 20 workers to do this job?

(A) 50 days
(B) 40 days
(C) 15 days
(D) 20 days

  1. Salma purchased a hand hair band at a cost of Rs. 32 instead of Rs 40 which was the original price.

(A) 14%
(B) 16%
(C) 18%
(D) 80%

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  1. If y = 2x + 12 and y is 0, what is the value of x?

(A) 6
(B) -6
(C) 12
(D) 0

  1. A bus is moving on the motorway at speed of 90 km/hr. What is the distance traveled by the bus after 3 hours and 30 minutes?

(A) 375 km
(B) 360 km
(C) 285 km
(D) 315 km

  1. Arsalan is 3 years older to Babar and 3 years younger to Kamal, while Babar and Danial are twins. How many years older is Kamal to Danial?
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    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 6
    (D) 12

  2. If 100 students write 100 pages in 100 days, then 4 students would write 4 pages in how many days?

(A) 1 day
(B) 4 days
(C) 40 days
(D) 100 days

  1. After having Bar B.Q in a restaurant, three friends paid the bill. Afzal Paid 2/3 as much as Danial paid and Danial paid 1/2 as much as Tariq paid. What faction of the bill did Danial pay?

(A) 3/11
(B) 1/3
(C) 12/13
(D) 5/8

  1. There are four numbers. Average of the first three is 20 and that of the last three is 19. If the last number is 22. Find the first number?

(A) 18
(B) 19
(C) 20
(D) 21

  1. What is the average of all prime numbers between 30 to 40?

(B) 35
(C) 37
(D) 43

  1. A bus has an average of 30 passengers on Sundays and 40 on other days. The average number of passengers who travel in this bus in a month of 30 days starting with Sundays is?

(B) 900
(C) 1200
(D) 1160

  1. Mr Atiq deposited Rs.7500 at the compound interest rate of 4% per annum. How much money on interest he will get after 2 years.

(A) Rs. 610
(B) Rs. 612
(C) Rs. 614
(D) Rs. 616

  1. If 16 books cost Rs. 240 then what do 40 books cost?

(A) Rs. 600
(B) Rs. 620
(C) Rs. 640
(D) Rs. 660

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  1. Rs. 7000 is divided among Asghar, Bilawal and Kamran so that Asghar receives half as much as Bilawal and Bilawal half as much as Kamran. Than Kamran’s share is?

(A) Rs. 2000
(B) Rs. 3000
(C) Rs. 4000
(D) Rs. 5000

  1. The fraction of is?

(A) 1/4
(B) 1/5
(C) 1/10
(D) 2/4

  1. Huma’s age after 15 years will be 5 times of her age 5 years back. What is the present age of Huma?

(A) 15
(B) 14
(C) 10
(D) 9

  1. Khalid covered a distance of 750 meter in 2 minute 30 seconds by his bike. He covered the distance at a speed of?

(A) 16 km/hr
(B) 17 km/hr
(C) 18 km/hr
(D) 19

  1. World largest dam made of mud is__________?

A) Mangla
B) Warsak
C) Tarbela
D) Barotha

  1. Major component of honey is Glucose

  2. Vitamin C is also called Skin food

  3. Sound waves are _________ waves? Longitudinal

  4. The SI unit of Heat is? Joule

  5. Rohtas Fort was built by?  Sher Shah Suri

  1. Who is the current CEO of International cricket Council ?

A. Haroon Lorgat
B. Dave Richardson
C. Anurag Thakur
D. Ehsan Mani

  1. The joint operations center of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) is in__________?

A. Dubai
B. Riyadh
C. Tehran
D. Islamabad

43.In which year Pakistan and China joint Venture of JF7 Thunder Aircraft started?

A. 1997
B. 2003
C. 1999
D. 2000

  1. How many mm are there in 10 cm?

A. 100mm
B. 200mm
C. 50mm
D. 10mm

  1. Gimpo airport is situated in__________?
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    A. Russia
    B. Japan
    C. South Korea
    D. Germany

  2. Which country has maximum time zones in the world?

A. United States
B. Russia
C. France
D. None of these

  1. NATO is a name of ________ ?

(A) an economic organization
(B) military alliance
(C) political party of USA
cultural alliance

  1. BBC is a news agency of?

(B) UK
(C) France
(D) Germany

  1. Suez Canal is situated in?

(A) Egypt
(B) Libya
(C) Nigeria
(D) Palestine

  1. The No.l Tennis player is

(A) Victoria Azarenka
(B) Maria Sherapova
(C) Serama Williams
(D) None of these

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  1. Who is the president of Iran?

(A) Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei
(B) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
(C) Mohammad Javad Zarif
(D) Hassan Rouhani

  1. RAW is an intelligence agency of

(A) Afghanistan
(B) Iran
(C) India
(D) Bhutan

  1. Which of the following country is not member of SAARC?

(A) Bhutan
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Iran
(D) Maldives

  1. The political office of Taliban is in?

(A) Damascus
(B) Doha
(C) Dubai
(D) Musqat

  1. The headquarter of Transparency International is in

(A) Berlin
(B) Paris
(C) London
(D) New York

  1. The largest wheat producing country in the world is?

(B) Canada
(C) India
(D) China

  1. Which of the following year witnesses massive flood in Pakistan?

(A) 2007
(B) 2008
(C) 2009
(D) 2010

  1. The highly populous city of the world is?

(A) Shanghai
(B) Beijing
(C) Tokyo
(D) Karachi

59. When water is cooled below 4°C, it:

(A) Contracts 
(B) Expands
(C) Retains density
(D) None of these

  1. When a steam engine has used steam by converting heat into mechanical energy, the used steam is:

(A) Warmer
(B) At the same temperature
(C) Cooler
(D) None of these

  1. Solar energy is  converted into  electricity  through,

(A) Chemical action
(B) Biological degradation
(C) Transactional Analysis
(D) None of these

  1. The jet engine on an aeroplane generates thrust by allowing hot gases to:

(A) Condensate in the annular condenser
(B) Escape through a tight opening
(C) Produce magnetism through a compression chamber
(D) None of these

  1. Which of the following helps in clotting of blood?

(A) Vitamin B1
(B) Vitamin B2
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin D

  1. The main constituent of Hemoglobin is?

(A) Protein
(B) Iron
(C) Calcium
(D) Chlorine

  1. Which of the following vitamins romote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings?
    (A) Vitamin B
    (B) Vitamin C
    (C) Vitamin A
    (D) Vitamin D
  1. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?

(A) Cholera
(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Malaria
(D) Smallpox

  1. What is the closest planet to the earth?

(A) Venus
(B) Mercury
(C) Jupiter
(D) Moon

  1. The primary colors are?

(A) Red, Green, Blue
(B) White, Black, Blue
(C) Red, Yellow, Blue
(D) Red, Orange, Blue

  1. Which of the following vegetable is rich in Vitamin A

(A) Caroot
(B) Radish
(C) Potato
(D) Onion

  1. Which of the following is essential for proper formation of teeth?

(A) Iodine
(B) Copper
(C) Florine
(D) Iron

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  1. Wind energy is an excellent example of?

(A) Potential energy
(B) Traverse Energy
(C) Kinetic Energy
(D) Mechanical Energy

  1. Battery was invented by?

(A) Volta
(B) Excide
(C) Maximas
(D) Newton

  1. A gas heater gives us heat by?

(A) Conduction
(B) Convection
(C) Radiation
(D) None of these

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin A results in?
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    (A) Night blindness
    (B) rickets
    (C) diabetes
    (D) throat infection

  2. Trachoma is disease of?

(A) Liver
(B) Brain
(C) Eye
(D) Heart

  1. Pneumonia directly affects which part of body?

(A) Nervous System
(B) Heart
(C) Respiratory System
(D) Digestive System

  1. Gas used in Balloon is:

(A) Helium
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon Dioxide

  1. The stimulant which is present in tea leaves is:

(A) Bracelene
(B) Caffeine
(C) Thiamine
(D) Phosphorous

  1. The 2014 FIFA World Cup was hosted by?

(A) Brazil
(B) Russia
(C) Qatar
(D) France

  1. Who build TAJ Mahal?

(A) Aurangzeb
(B) Shah Jahan
(C) Akber
(D) Humayun

  1. Who did accompany the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the migration to Madina?

(A) Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
(B) Hazrat AN (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Usman (R.A)
(D) Hazrat Umar (R.A)

  1. When did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) offer Hajj?

(A) 4 A.H
(B) 6 A,H
(C) 8 A.H
(D) 10 A.H

  1. Which Surah does not start with Bismillah?

(A) Al Asr
(B) Al Nisa
(C) Al Tauba
(D) Ai Nasr

  1. What is the total number of Ghazwas?
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    (A) 23
    (B) 25
    (C) 27
    (D) 30

  2. In which year. Migration to Madina took place?

(A) 618 A.D
(B) 620 A.D
(C) 622 AD
(D) 624 A.D

  1. When did Battle of Uhad take place?

(A) 2 A.H
(B) 3 A.H
(C) 4 A.H
(D) 5 A.H

  1. Al-Maeen is a Surah in which there are

(A) 100 or more Ayaht
(8) Simple Orders
(C) Hard Orders
(D) less than 100 Ayahs

  1. Where was last revelation revealed?

(A) During Miraj
(B) During Eid-ul-Adha
(C) During Hijat ulwidha
(D) During Eid alfitr

  1. “Arbaeen” is the book of Hadith in which there are:

(A) 40 Ahadith
(B) 50 Ahadith
(C) 30 Ahadith
(D) 20 Ahadith

  1. What is the shortest surah?

(A) Kausar
(B) Kalif
(C) Falaq
(D) Fateha

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  1. Which surah is the heart of QURAN?

(A) Rahman
(B) Falak
(C) Bakra
(D) Yaseen

  1. Who was given the title of Ghaseelulmalaika?

(A) Hazrat Ali
(B) Hazrat Abu Bakr
(C) Khalid bin Waleed
(D) Hanzilla(R A)

  1. What is the no. of total surah?

(A) 221
(B) 112
(C) 113
(D) None of these-

  1. What is the first month of Islamic Calendar?

(A) Moharram
(B) Shaban
(C) Ramzan
(D) Zilhaj

  1. Hazrat Mohammad PBUH called himself

(A) Eid UlFitr
(B) Friday Prayer
(C) Eid UlFitr
(D) HijjaTuIWidah

  1. Meaning of “Hujjat Tamam krha”
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    (A) Kam Ghalat Karna
    (B) Kam Na Hona
    (C) Tadreer Karna
    (D) Daleel Badi Na Chorna

  2. “FIDAK” garden was bestowed to the Holy Prophet as:

(A) Fay
(B) Booty
(C) Gift
(D) Loan

  1. How many Hajjs were performed by Hazrat Mohammad PBUH:

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 3

  1. Kab’ah is situated in the valley of ____?

(A) Karan
(B) Batha
(C) Makka
(D) None of these

  1. Treaty of Hudaibiya was observed in ____ ?

(A) 5th Hijri
(B) 6th Hijri
(C) 7th Hijri
(D) 8th Hijri

FPSC Patrol Officer MCQs (Batch-II):


  1. We gave _____ a meal –  To visitors

  2. Don’t won I ______ be there – Shall 

  3. What is the name of the man ____ gave the gift? Who

  4. I just have to take the dog out ______ of the bad weather – Inspite

  5. ______ has left the bicycle outside – SOMEONE

  6. The house ______ is small but garden is enormous – Itself

  7. Everyone complain ______ the awful food – About

  8. I couldn’t decide ______  to buy bananas or apples – WHETHER

  9. ______ it rains I will be pick you up at 6:00 am – WHETHER

  10. Here is my report I _____ finished it at last – HAVE

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  1. He went to Scotland ______  – TO PLAY GOLF

  2. I enjoyed the Disco; it was great, ______ ? –  WASN’T IT

  3. My arms are aching now as ______  swimming since 2 hours – I have been 

  4. The shop didn’t have ______ I wanted – What

  5. Sentence like: A crowded bus, drove ahead of speeding car: are ____?


  1. I suppose that they would accept it – Clause

  2. There was a sentence with use of – Non Clause

  3. English: There was a sentence with use of: HAD and Would Have

  4. One must connect red wire with _____ while connecting car’s battery –


  1. If I add water in syrup, | am – DILUTING IT.
  1. The north pole of magnet attract – South End

  2. Radio waves are _____ than light wave – Faster

  3. Who discovered Penicillin – Alexander Flaming

  4. Stainless steel is an alloy of? – Zinc and Nickel

  5. Atom bomb radiates _____? – Gamma Rays

  6. Light travels at rate of? 30, 0000km/s
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  7. Solar panel converts Radiations to electricity through? Chemical reactions

  8. Smoke of Sailing boat traveling from-to-?  None of these (Sailing boat has no smoke)

  9. Airship flies owing to? Lighter weight than Air

  10. The boiling point of water is: 212 Fahrenheit

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  1. A steam engine runs by – Heat to mechanical energy conversion

  2. Fish survives in ice water because of – Buoyantic force of water

  3. A steel pin sink in water but sheep doesn’t because of – DISPLACEMENT OF

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34. One meter is equal to – 1000 millimeter

35.  When was OIC established? – 1969

  1. The length of Faisalabad-Multan (M4) motorway is? – 243 km

  2. A nuclear bomb contains ______ in its core – RADIATIONS

  3. One molecule of water has – 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen

  4. Indus rivers passes through – Skardu, Jaglot and Kalabagh

  5. ATR42 has ____ engines? 2

  1. Pakistan imports tin and palm oil from? MALAYSIA

  2. Pakistan detonated nuclear bombs in? CHAGHI HILLS

  3. CPEC Connects Gwadar with? CHINA

  4. Winter Rains are brought in Pak by? WESTERN DISTRIBUTIONS

  5. NEW Lake in Gilgit Baltistan? ATTABAD LAKE

  6. Globalization In Pakistan means? Access of Pakistan’s products to

International Market.

  1. Indo-Pak war started on – 6th September 1996

  2. Terrorist attacks were controlled on large scale by operation – ZARB-E-AZAB

  3. Major power projects on river Jhelum are? NELUM JHELUM

  4. Tarbela Dam generates electricity by? TURBINES

  1. PSL 2018 was by was won by: ISLAMABAD UNITED

  2. PSL 2018 final was played B/W? PESHAWAR ZALMI & ISLAMABAD


  1. What is Black Hole? – Hypothetical region of the space

  2. Warsak Dam has been built on? RIVER KABUL

  3. Mangla Dam is located on? RIVER JHELUM

  4. Simla is a resort in _ INDIA

  5. Complete the series: 1, 1/4, 1/9, 1/16 – 1/24

  6. When a book is sold for Rs 76 the gain is 52%. The gain when it is sold for Rs 74 is? – 48%

  7. Complete the series: 4,9,16, 25, 49 ? – 64

  8. A question was about a number divided by? 60

  1. What come next: 3, 6, 9: – 12 

  2. The highest number divisible by 3 in this series is – 12 

  3. The highest number which can be made by the given series 7, 3,4, 5 2 is – 75432

  4. If four cars run 800 km each in 8 hours. One car will run? 300 km

  5. If you are in a line at third number from both sides. Total number of people

inline is – 5

  1. A rectangle has a length of 10 cm and a perimeter of 30 cm. Find the width of the rectangle – 5 cm

  2. Find two numbers from the series which are divisible by 11 and their sum is 44?

11, 33 

  1. The sum of two numbers is 96; one number is equal to the difference of both. Find numbers: – [64,] [32]

  2. Find the number whose square and cubes are the same? –

  3. The batting side has scored 51 in 6 overs. What will be total score in 20 overs – 170

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  1. Total of 1.5 and 2.5 is: – 4

  2. Working 8 hours a day, a work is done in 5 days. For how many hours a day the work is done if it is finished in 4 days? – 10 hrs

  3. If wheat sells 1600 for 40 kg. What will be price of 5 kg? 200

  4. If a number is divided by 6 and 50 is added to it and sum becomes 60. Find number: – 60

  5. Find the odd number out. 8, 16, 24, 34, 40, 48: – 34 

  6. If one sack of wheat is 100 kg and how many sacs will make it 1 metric ton? 10

  7. Math—a question was like: 2 sides of triangle were given. 3” side was to be calculated.

  8. The length of the longest pole that can be placed in a room 12 m long and 9 m wide and 8 m high is –  17 m

  9. Math—a question was like: Find Minar’s Areal distance etc.

  1. Population of China is: 1.3 billion

  2. UN Security has _____ permanent members – 5

  3. Airplane take lift because of: Special work of air on its wings

  4. Yemen is located at _____ of Saudi Arabia. – South

  5. Steel Bar is magnetized by: Magnetic effect of electric current

  6. Country with no standing army is: ANDORA

86.In which year Dr. Abdul Salam was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics? – 1979

  1. Siberia in Russian Federation is part of : ASIAN CONTINENT

  2. Recent Tension between Russia & USA is due to: Killing of Russian Agent in Europe

  3. First mosque built by prophet (PBUH) was: QUBA

  4. The second major battle of Islam against Quraish was: UHAD

  5. Hajj is performed on: 10 ZILHAJJ

  6. What is Qiyas: Analogical reasoning in Islamic Jurisprudence

  7. Mudarba is: Share of profit or loss in business

  8. Southernmost country of Africa is: South Africa

  9. Laws in Pakistan are based on: QURAN & SUNNAH 

  10. If I had one million pound – I have bought a Yatcht

  11. Iran has allowed India commercial use of port: Chah Bahar 

  12. Name of country which has driven out Rohingya Muslims as refugees? Myanmar 

  13. Internal strife in Sri Lanka in 1980s was brought by: LTTE

  14. UK’s policy to exit European Union is called: BREXIT

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Patrol Officer MCQs Solved Past Paper:patrol officer past paperpatrol officer past papers 1

patrol officer past papers 2

patrol officer mcqs

This is all about Patrol Officer JOB MCQs.  In the article, we have tried to collect as much available data for the Patrol officer MCQs  so that you can get maximum benefit from these past papers and repeated MCQs, these MCQs will not only help you for the preparation of  Patrol Officer job but these MCQs can also help you for various Federal Public Service Commission Jobs.

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