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Didn’t I say politics is nothing but theatre, but with much more severe consequences?

I don’t understand why I’m reading an article titled Sheriff Robert Luna backtracks, says fraud investigation was handed over to FBI on yet another blunder by the head of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As the old saying goes we’re all characters in this game called life and unfortunately newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna’s performance thus far can’t be described as anything less than horrible and unworthy of a repeat performance.

I would even go further to say that those responsible for this terrible script in which Sheriff Luna has horribly bombed, shows he has clearly failed to rehearse his lines by taking the initiative to understand the nuisances and/or complexities of being in charge of one of the most prized law enforcement agencies in the nation.  Despite the many flaws in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department I can’t fathom in any instance why he would confuse submitting an investigation into the department’s Concealed Weapons Permit program to the state’s Attorney General office.  And the media had to save face by publishing an article saying such as they continue to attach former Sheriff Alex Villanueva in an attempt to taint his public persona as rumors continue to swirl he may run for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in the 2024 election.

This isn’t Mayberry and despite my best effort to be impartial to the newly selected Sheriff by giving him time to exude command, control, and level-headed independent thinking, the political machinations and/or influence of the politically inclined and manipulative Board of Supervisors clearly shows Luna is not qualified for this position.

Villanueva has been and will forever be their convenient scapegoat because the inadequacy of the Board of Supervisors to fix the Sheriff’s department despite decades of civil oversight has come full circle for public display and the natives are restless.

Collectively even Luna’s backers are under the pressure of personally admitting to themselves that he is critically inadequate of being Los Angeles County Sheriff.  A role he was never qualified for to begin with.  Keep in mind their first choice was Los Angeles Airport Chief Cecil Rhambo who previously led the city of Compton when a cache of weapons disappeared into thin air.  Rhambo was also the first Captain over the newly created Compton Sheriff’s station when the city disbanded the Compton Police Department.   

Luna’s inability to appreciate the complexities and nuisances of being Sheriff and the work it takes to be the head of an 18,000-person department if he can’t get a carefully concocted lie straight. Don’t think it went unnoticed that after his department held a two-day marathon in Valinda to catch a suspect, no one is asking why they decided to call in the Los Angeles Police Department for assistance or why Luna didn’t give a press conference on the ordeal.   

This can’t be life and like a badly produced Tyler Perry movie where we’ve seen this script over and over again, vowing to never spend another dollar on his cheaply produced but high-grossing box office movies, these scenes of ineptitude, inadequacy, and lack of leadership at a time where the department is bathing in low-morale and confusion is disappointing, to say the least.

I’m sorry but in case Sheriff Luna didn’t get the last-minute revision in his script, he doesn’t have the inclination to get the facts himself before he speaks? 

If something doesn’t change fast, Luna will suffer the same fate as his former boss, Jim McDonnell, as the Board of Supervisors will either exercise their rights under Measure A and remove him or bring in the next Barney Fife to do their bidding.

Marvin McCoy is a lifelong Inglewood resident and can be reached at or on Twitter: @MarvinM83905936 | Instagram: @therealmccoymarketinggroup

Opinion: Sheriff Luna’s acting sucks, can we get a refund? – 2UrbanGirls

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