In this article, we are going to give you the Most Useful NTS Physics MCQs with answers, These are the Physics Mcqs that are collected from various sources such as NTS Past papers, FPSC past papers, and entrance test of different universities of Pakistan. These NTS Physics MCQs will help the students to get higher marks in physics subject.

Physics MCQs

NTS Physics MCQs

1. A wheat stone bridge is said to be balanced when?

A. maximum current flows through the galvanometer branch
B. minimum current flows through the galvanometer branch
C. potential difference across galvanometer branch is maximum
D. potential difference across galvanometer branch is zero

2. A particle of mass m charge q and speed V enters a uniform magnetic radius r. The radius r of the circle is?

A. independent mass m
B. directly proportional to m
C. directly proportional to q
D. directly proportional to B

3. If a current carrying solenoid is suspended freely it will?

A. Be rotating
B. come to rest in N-S direction
C. vibrating like galvanometer needle
D. comes to rest after rotation

4. A current carrying conductor is placed in a uniform magnetic field parallel to it. The magnetic force experienced by the conductor is?

A. F=1/B
B. F=1/Bsinθ
C. F/0
D. F=1/Bcosθ

5. When a particle of charge q and mass m enters into a uniform magnetic field B moving with a velocity v perpendicular to the direction for the field it describes a circular path of radius?

A. R=qB/mV
B. R=mV/qB
C. R=qmV/B
D. R=qmB/V

6. A magnetic compass will be deflected if it is kept near a?

A. charge in motion
B. charge at rest
C. both
D. none

7. If the plane of the rectangular coil is parallel to the magnetic field (i.e radial magnetic field) the torque on the coil is?

A. τ = NIAB cosφ
B. τ = NIAB sinφ
C. τ = NIAB tanφ
D. τ = NIAB

8. Magnetic flux and flux density are related by?

A. magnetic flux = flux density / area
B. magnetic flux = flux density x area
C. flux density = magnetic flux area
D. flux density = magnetic flux x area

9. The charged particle enters the uniform magnetic field in such a way that its initial velocity is not perpendicular to the field the orbit will be?

A. a circle
B. a spiral
C. an ellipse
D. helix

10. Value of permeability of free space in SI units is?

A. 4πx10-9 WbA-1m-1
B. 4πx10-7 WbA-1m-1
C. 4πx10-10 WbA-1m-1
D. 4πx10-8 WbA-1m-1


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NTS Electrical Engineering MCQs

11. The magnetic field strength of solenoid is?

A. B = μNI
B. B = μN/I
C. B = μnI
D. Both B and C

12. The deflection for 50 division of galvanometer is decreased to 25 divisions by shunt resistance of 12Ω. Galvanometer resistance is?

A. 18Ω
B. 30Ω
C. 24Ω
D. 12Ω

13. The sensitivity of a galvanometer is given by?


14. Minimum current required to produce a deflection of 1 mm on a scale at a distance of 1 meter is?

A. 0.1 A
B. 1:00 AM
C. current sensitivity
D. 1 m A

15. While measuring the unknown resistance the help of slide wire bridge a greatest accuracy can be achieved when?

A. a most sensitive galvanometer is used
B. a steady voltage cell is used
C. the balance point is close to the middle of the wire
D. a high resistance box is used in one of its gap

16. An ammeter measures the total current flowing through a circuit when it is connected?

A. in series with the circuit
B. in parallel with circuit
C. in series with any of the parallel resistances in the circuit
D. in parallel with any of the series resistances in the circuit

17. The effective way to increase the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer is to?

A. use a very long and fine suspension
B. use a coil of very large area
C. use a coil with very large number of turns
D. use a very strong magnetic field

18. When an electron moving with a uniform speed in a vacuum enters a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the field the subsequent path of the electron is?

A. a straight line parallel to the field
B. a parabola in a plane perpendicular to the field
C. a circle in a plane perpendicular to the field
D. a straight line along its initial direction

19. Galvanometer is a very sensitive device with?

A. very low damping
B. very high damping
C. no damping at all
D. radial field disintegration

20. Heating a magnet will?

A. weaken it
B. strengthen it
C. reverse its polarity
D. demagnetize it completely

21. A moving coil galvanometer of resistance 100? gives half scale deflection for a current of 20mA. What will be the potential difference across it?

A. 4 volt
B. 5 volt
C. 2 volt
D. 0.4 volt

22. An alternating current or voltage?

A. fluctuates off and on
B. varies in magnitude alone
C. changes its direction again and again
D. changes its magnitude harmonically and reverses its direction of flow after regularly recurring intervals

23. Electromagnetic waves travel in free space with the speed of?

A. λ-rays
B. Positive rays
C. Cathode rays
D. More than sound waves

24. An electromagnetic wave consists of?

A. Electric and magnetic fields moving parallel to each other
B. Magnetic field moving with velocity of light in space
C. Electric field moving with velocity of light
D. Electric and magnetic fields moving perpendicular to each other

25. Waves emitted from the antenna are?

A. Sound waves
B. Electromagnetic waves
C. Radio waves
D. Modulated waves

26. If capacitance of L-C circuit is made four times then frequency of the circuit becomes?

A. Twice
B. One half
C. Four times
D. None

27. The value of the steady current which when flowing through the same resistor produces heat at the same rate as the mean rate of heat produced by the alternating current is?

A. Average current
B. Sinusoidal current
C. r.m.s current
D. Net current

28. An alternating current of the r.m.s value of 4.0 A and frequency 50Hz flows in a circuit containing a 10Ω resistor. The peak current is then?

A. 20A
B. 20.66A
C. 6.66A
D. 5.66A

29. A changing magnetic flux produces around itself an induced?

A. Magnetic field
B. Electric field
C. Electromagnetic force
D. Artificial gravitational field

30. The direction of propagation of an electromagnetic-waves is?

A. Perpendicular to electric field
B. Perpendicular to both electric and magnetic field
C. Perpendicular to magnetic field
D. Parallel to electric and magnetic field

31. Electromagnetic waves transport?

A. Energy
B. Momentum
C. Mass
D. Heat

32. Electromagnetic waves emitted from antenna are?

A. Stationary
B. Longitudinal
C. Transverse
D. All the above

33. A capacitor of capacitance 30µF is charged by a constant current of 10mA. If initially, the capacitor was uncharged what is the time taken for the potential difference across the capacitor to reach 300V?

A. 0.9sec
B. 15 sec
C. 1.5x105sec
D. 0.9x102sec

34. To find the r.m.s value of an alternating current mathematically we need to have?

A. Mean value of I2
B. Square root of mean value of I2
C. Square root of I2
D. Square of 1/2

35. An alternating current is represented by the equation I = I∫sinπt which of the following equation represents an alternating current of frequency and amplitude twice that of the above current?

A. I = 2I∫Sin(πt/2)
B. I = 2I∫Sin(2πt)
C. I = 2ISinπt
D. I = I∫sin(2πt)

36. pure resistor circuit the voltage and current are?

A. Lagging each other
B. They are at 90? phase difference
C. They have zero phase difference
D. No phase different

37. When A.C current passes through a capacitor then the current relationship will be?

A. The current lead voltage by phase angle is 90 degrees
B. The voltage leads current by phase angle is 90 degrees
C. The current lead voltage by phase angle is 45 degrees
D. The voltage leads current by phase angle is 45 degrees

38. In the capacitive circuit the current?

A. Lags behind voltage by π/2
B. Is in phase with voltage
C. Opposite in phase of voltage by π
D. Leads forward the voltage by π/2

39. A 100µF capacitor with a 12V source in series having frequency 50Hz will offer a capacitive reactance of about?

A. 32Ω
B. 62Ω
C. 50Ω
D. 100Ω

40. If a glass plate is inserted in between the plate of a capacitor in series with a lighted bulb the brightness of the bulb?

A. Remains same
B. Brightness increases
C. Brightness decreases
D. No light

41. A wire of resistance R is coiled inductively so that its inductance is L. The impedance of the coil at a frequency of f is?

A. (R+2πfL)
B. R+1/2πfL
C. (R2+f2L2)
D. (R2+4π2f2L2)

42. Ammeter connected in an AC circuit measures?

A. The exact value of the current
B. RMS value of the current
C. The net value of the current
D. The peak value of the current

43. When a pure inductor of inductance L and a pure capacitor of capacitance C are connected in parallel to a sinusoidal potential difference V the potential difference across both L & C will be?

A. Same
B. Different
C. At L will be more than at C
D. At L will be less than at C

44. What is the self-inductance of a coil in which an induced emf of 2V is set up when the current changes at the rate of 4 As-1?

A. 0.5 mH
B. 0.5H
C. 2.0H
D. 8.0H

45. The frequency of a circuit consisting of a capacitance C and a resistor R is?

A. C/R
B. R/C
C. 1/RC
D. 1/ 2RC

46. A 10Ω electric heater is connected to a 220V 50Hz mains supply. What is the peak value of the potential difference across the heater element?

A. 220V
B. 220/ 2V
C. 110V
D. 220 √2V

47. A choke is used as resistance in?

A. DC circuit
B. AC circuits
C. Both AC and DC circuit
D. Full wave rectifier circuit

48. At resonance the value of the power factor in an L-C-R series circuit is?

A. Zero
B. 2
C. 1
D. Not definite

49. An A.C series circuit containing 4Ω resistance and 3Ω inductive reactance. The impedance of the circuit is?

A. 1Ω
B. 5Ω
C. 7Ω
D. 7Ω

50. An inductive coil has a resistance of 100Ω. When an AC signal of frequency 1000Hz is fed to the coil the applied voltage leads the current by 45Ω. What is the inductance of the coil?

A. 10mH
B. 12mH
C. 16mH
D. 20mH

51. Choose the correct statement. In the case of AC circuit ohms law holds for?

A. Peak values of voltage and current
B. Effective values of voltage and current
C. Instantaneous values of voltage and current
D. All of the above

52. The phase angle between the voltage and the current in an AC circuit consisting of a resistance is?

A. Zero
B. 45°
C. 90°
D. 180°

53. In an LCR series circuit, if V is the effective value of the applied voltage VR is the voltage across R VL is the effective voltage across L & Vc is the effective voltage across C then?

B. V2 = VR2+VL2+VC2
C. V2 = VR2+(VL-VC)2
D. V2 = VL2+(VR-VC)2

54. A voltage V = V0 cos ωt is applied across a resistor of resistance R the average power dissipated per cycle in the resistor is given by?

A. V√/√2R
B. V/√2√R
C. V02/√2R
D. 2/√2√R

55. Two identical coaxial circular loops carry equal currents in the same direction. If the loops approach each other the current in?

A. Each increase
B. Each decrease
C. Each remains the same
D. One increases whereas that in the other decreases

56. An inductor may store energy in?

A. Its electric field
B. Its coils
C. Its magnetic field
D. Both electric and magnetic fields

57. Addition of vector obeys?

A. Commutative law
B. Distributive law
C. Associative law
D. All given laws in A, B and C

58. The direction of a vector in space is specified by?

A. One angle
B. Two angle
C. Three angle
D. No angle

59. A vector can be multiplied by a number. The number may be?

A. Dimensionless
B. Dimensional scalar
C. Negative
D. All A, B and C are correct

60. Unit vector n^ is along?

A. X-axis
B. Normal on a surface
C. Y-axis
D. Z-axis

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