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Biology MCQs

NTS Biology MCQs

In this article, we are going to give you the NTS Biology MCQs, These are the Biology Mcqs that are collected from various sources such as NTS Past papers, FPSC past papers, and entrance test of medical universities. These NTS Biology MCQs will help the students to get higher marks in biology the subject.

Biology MCQs

NTS Biology MCQs

1. It is possible to date the rocks by comparing the amount of specific radioactive isotopes they contain. Which of the statement is correct in this respect

A. Older sediment layers have equal amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones
B. Older sediment layers have less amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
C. Older sediment layers have greater amount of these radioactive isotopes as that of the young ones.
D. Older sediment layers did not have these radioactive isotopes

2. Reverse transcriptase is present in____________?

A. All RNA viruses
B. All DNA viruses
C. All retroviruses
D. All viruses

3. Destruction of all life forms is called___________?

A. Sterilization
B. Disinfection
C. Antisepsis
D. Preservation

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4.  Pox viruses are_________?

A. RNA non-enveloped
B. RNA enveloped
C. DNA non-enveloped
D. DNA enveloped

5. Pollen grains in pinus have __________ for dispersal through wind?

A. Flagella
B. Cilia
C. Wings
D. Feathers

6. The single healthy megaspore retained within the megasporangium germinates to form an egg containing female gaemtophyte called______________?

A. Ovule
B. Seed
C. Fruit
D. Embryo sac

7. Alternation of generations is absent in___________?

A. Hydration
B. Obelia
C. Jelly fish
D. Physalia

8. Double fertilization is feature of____________?

A. Ferns
B. Whisk ferns
C. Gymnosperms
D. Angiosperms

9. If bile pigments are prevented from leaving digestive tract, then they cause_____________?

A. Hepatitis
B. Jaundice
C. Gall stones
D. Blockage

10. Initial pH of food vacuole during digestion in amoeba is____________?

A. 5.3
B. 5.6
C. 7.3
D. 7.6


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11. The arrangement of _________ speaks of the division of labour within cell?

A. Molecule
B. Subatomic particles
C. Atoms
D. Organelles

12. NADH is oxidized by___________?

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A. Coenzyme
B. Cytochrome b
C. Oxygen
D. Glycolysis

13. Salivary glands present in front of ear are___________?

A. Sublingual
B. Submaxillary
C. Submandibular
D. Parotid

14. How many spiracles are present in cockroach_____________?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 20
D. 40

15. Which of the following is the correct sequence in the biological method?

A. Observation-hypothesis-law-theory
B. Observation-hypothesis-deduction-testing of deduction
C. Hypothesis-observation-deduction-testing of deduction
D. law-theory-deduction-observation

16. Amphibians are considered to be evolved from___________?

A. Newts
B. Varanope
C. Dipnoi
D. Hagfishes

17. Enterobius vermicularis is commonly known as____________?

A. Flatworm
B. Pinworm
C. Hook worm
D. Tapeworm

18. Red to orange pigments are_____________?

A. Carotenes
B. Carotenoids
C. Xanthophylls
D. Chlorophyll

19. Animals of which class of arthropoda are present everywhere_____________?

A. Crustacean
B. Insecta
C. Arachnida
D. Myriapoda

20. Gaseous exchange in birds occurs at level of_______________?

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A. Alveoli
B. Air sacs
C. Bronchi
D. Parabronchi

21. ______________ of earth surface is covered with water?

A. 10%
B. 30%
C. 75%
D. 90%

22. An antibody is made of _________ polypeptide chains?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

23. Production of genetically identical copies of organisms/cells by asexual reproduction is called__________?

A. Mitosis
B. Replication
C. Cloning
D. Biological control

24. 95% of the cytoplasm of RBCs is____________?

A. Hemoglobin
B. Enzymes
C. Salts
D. Other proteins

25. _________________ cells of phloem are directly involved in transport of organic solutes?

A. Parenchyma
B. Companion cell
C. Tracheid
D. Sieve element

26. An infectious disorder of respiratory system is_________________?

A. Cancer
B. Asthma
C. Tuberculosis
D. Emphysema

27. Cuticular transpiration is _____________ of total transpiration?

A. 1-2%
B. 3-4%
C. 5-7%
D. 90%

28. According to cohesion-tension theory, tension is created by__________________?

A. Hydrogen bonding
B. Transpiration
C. Adhesion
D. Root pressure

29. Deoxygenated blood first enters in _________ part in fishes?

A. Sinus venosus
B. Right atrium
C. Left atrium
D. Conus arteriosus

30. Ozone depletion occurs commonly due to_______________?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Chlorofluorocarbons
C. UV rays
D. Deforestation

31. Who coined the term CELL?

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A. Schwann
B. Schleiden
C. Robert Hook
D. Both a and b

32. “lubb” sound is produced due to___________________?

A. Opening of inlet valve
B. Closure of inlet valve
C. Opening of outlet valve
D. Closure of outlet valve

33. In condition of high temperature, following does not occur or occurs at low level__________?

A. Vasodilation
B. Activation of sweat glands
C. Thermogenesis
D. Evaporative cooling

34. Who first observed and thus hypothesized that new cells are formed from previously existing living cell?

A. Theodor Schwann and Schleiden
B. Rudolph Virchows
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Both b and c

35. In Hardy-Weinberg formula P2 represents frequency of_____________?

A. Recessive allele
B. Dominant allele
C. Homozygous dominant individual
D. Homozygous recessive individual

36. _____________ supported theory of special creation?

A. Linnaeus
B. Aristotle
C. Mendel
D. Lamarck

37. Percentage of proteins in cell membrane is____________?

A. 20-40%
B. 40-50%
C. 60-80%
D. 80-100%

38. Which of the following is most constant abiotic component of ecosystem___________?

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A. Air
B. Water
C. Land
D. Gravity

40. Ecosystem not found in Pakistan is_____________?

A. Tropical rain forest
B. Temperate deciduous forest
C. Grassland
D. Tundra

41. Movement of the material across the cell membrane which does not requiring expenditure of metabolic energy is called__________?

A. Active transport
B. Passive transport
C. Co-transport
D. Counter transport

42. The productivity of aquatic ecosystem is basically determined by light and____________?

A. CO2
B. O2
C. Water
D. Nutrients

43. The first layer of cell wall which is formed is___________?

A. Primary wall
B. Secondary wall
C. Middle lamella
D. All of these

44. Annual rainfall in grassland is about_____________?

A. More than 2500 mm
B. 750-1500 mm
C. 250-750 mm
D. Less than 250 mm

45. Conversion of ammonia or ammonium ion into nitrites during nitrogen cycle occurs due_____________?

A. Rhizobium
B. Nitrosomonas
C. Nitrobacter
D. Pseudomonas

46. Cellulose is the major component of__________?

A. Primary wall
B. Secondary wall
C. Middle lamella
D. all of the above

47. Humming bird is an example of________________?

A.  Cold blooded animal
B. Ectotherm
C. Endotherm
D. Heterotherm

48. Number of cervical vertebrae is_____________?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 12

49. Autophagosomes are____________?

A. Those lysosomes which eat parts of their own cells to generate energy.
B. Those lysosomes which eat old and worn out cellular organelles.
C. Lysosomes which help in extracellular digestion
D. Both a and b

50. Sapwood is formed from_____________?

A. Primary xylem
B. Secondary xylem
C. Primary phloem
D. Secondary phloem

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