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After weeks of uncertainty, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has finally stated his intentions. “My intention is to continue playing and playing for the New York Jets,” said the star quarterback, who is still under contract with the Green Bay Packers.

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Rodgers, who had opted for silence in recent weeks as rumors increasingly sent him to New York, broke his silence during an attendance that drew more than 470,000 viewers live on The Pat McAfee Show.

He mentioned that the only thing preventing him from making the jump to the Jets at the moment is the lack of an agreement between his future and his old organization on a trade basis.

“I’m not the one slowing things down so far. It’s the Packers and the compensation they want in return. The thing is, I’m still signed to the Packers at the moment,” he said.

no bitterness

The quarterback, who won the Super Bowl in 2011 and was named four-time regular-season MVP, has announced that he has made the decision to return to the game shortly after his closed four-day-in-the-dark retirement.

He said that when he went into isolation he was “90 per cent” decided he was going to choose to retire.

Aaron Rodgers

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“When I left there, I found the network and quickly understood that the organization’s attitude towards me had changed. I don’t know exactly what changed, but I understood that the Packers wanted to move on.

“I was drafted by the Packers, I’ve always loved Green Bay and this organization, but the thing is, this team decided to go in a different direction. And now me too,” explained the 39-year-old veteran.

Rodgers was drafted by the Packers in 2005 and established himself as a starter in 2008. Since then, he has led the team to the playoffs nine times. When he said he was saddened by the result, he assured that he felt no bitterness.

“There are no injuries here. I just wish the organization had had a chat with me after the season to tell me it was time to move on. I would have just said: thank you very much. I have no grudges against the Packers. Green Bay will always be my home.”

The Wishlist

Reports have surfaced in the last few hours that Rodgers had submitted a wish list to the Jets general staff.

He reportedly expressed a desire for his future new team to hire receivers he likes like Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Marcedes Lewis and Odell Beckham.

Not surprisingly, Rodgers vehemently denied the whole thing.

Aaron Rodgers

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“It’s so ridiculous,” he scolded. If you think I told the Jets to sign this or that player, that’s not the reality. Did I tell you about some players I liked? Naturally. Did I apply? It’s so stupid to think I would.”

“Objectively, several teams would like to bet on a guy like Allen Lazard. Anybody in their right mind would ask me what kind of person he is and I would say he’s awesome like I would say Cobb or Lewis. And who wouldn’t want Odell Beckham on their team?

A first meeting

Rodgers met with Jets management and said the four-hour conversation was “good and relaxed,” while mentioning he looks forward to reconnecting with his former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, “one of the most influential coaches of my life.” life”.

The Jets and the Packers will therefore try to reach an agreement on a transaction basis in the coming days.

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NFL: Aaron Rodgers Ready To Play For The New York Jets – S Chronicles

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