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Disney does not intend to slow down down in that it quest To expand the universe of “Star Wars” with The latest the television series To tell stories from a galaxy far away of The tale of dark period in life of future “Rogue One” hero Cassian Andor as he decides how away to go in for his life battle against repressive forces star And the creator of The show He said.

I will “Andor” debut on Disney+ streaming service for Walt Disney on September 21. Episode 12 series Stars Actor Diego Luna Like main rebellious character who sacrificed himself for the greatest good .in the end of 2016 movie “Rogue One”.

Creator Tony Gilroy speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association eventHe said he drew on tales from movie To craft a dramatic background for Personal. In “Rogue One”, Cassian mentions that he was fighting in Galactic revolution has been going on since he was 6 years old.

“in the end of the movie is says “Oh my God, if we don’t go out and make this final effort, then everything of The terrible things I’ve done for rebellion will be for Nothing, Gilroy said. know There is a very dark period.”

The series begins five years ago events of “Rogue One,” Gilroy said, and first The season will cover a year time. Disney has already Command second season that will cover next four years leading up to the beginning of Rogue One.

“Above anything, this is show Around regular people Gilroy said: “They live their daily lives, but they are forced to do it epic decisions.

Luna said ‘Andor’ wouldn’t be expected despite the fans know This is Cassian story ends with young man who sacrifices his life for others.

“I’m going to challenge Whatever you think of you know Luna said about Cassian. I’ll tell you something you don’t want know about what leads to it.”

New “Star Wars” series Andor plunges into gloomy days of Revolution

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