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Another familiar face returns National Treasure Franchise.

Disney+ announced Thursday that Harvey Keitel, who performed in 2004 National Treasure and 2007 National Treasure: Book of Secretswill reprise his role as FBI agent Peter Sadusky in the upcoming sequel series National Treasure: Edge of History (Release date TBA).

He joins guest star Justin Bartha, who will return in the role of Riley Poole, a computer whiz, resident genius and best friend of Benjamin Franklin Gates (played on the big screen by Nicolas Cage).

During the series’ San Diego Comic-Con panel, the streamer also dropped the teaser above, which introduces series director Lisette Alexis as Jess – “a brilliant and imaginative DREAMER who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to uncover the truth about the… uncovering her family’s secret past and rescuing a lost Pan American treasure” – and the featurette below, which takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the production and cast.

edge of history Catherine Zeta-Jones also plays Billie, a badass billionaire, black market antiques expert and treasure hunter who lives by her own code; Zuri reed (Flatbush offense) as Tasha, Jess’ chivalrous friend, who joins the treasure hunt but is forced to reassess her belief system to help her best friend; Antonio Cipriano (Broadway’s Jagged little pill) as Oren, a loveable but self-obsessed git with an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theories who tries to win back Tasha’s affections; Jordan Rodrigues (The Fosters) as Ethan, Jess’ childhood best friend who has loved her since the day they met; Jake Austin WalkerDC’s Stargirl) as Liam, a passed out struggling musician with a permanent chip on his shoulder, descended from a long line of treasure hunters; and Lyndon Smith (parenting) as FBI Agent Ross, a hardened investigator who begins to realize a larger conspiracy is at hand.

Watch the full teaser above, then hit the comments and let us know if you’ll be checking out National Treasure: Edge of History on its final release. National Treasure Sequel: Harvey Keitel returns as Peter Sadusky

National Treasure Sequel: Harvey Keitel returns as Peter Sadusky – World Time Todays

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