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“Ashes are floating & scattered all the way to units!” — Resident calls out individuals burning items in bins


Images: screengrabs from Facebook video / Singapore Incidents / @Walt Tee

SINGAPORE — An online user took to Facebook on Monday (Jan 23) to share a video of four people burning things in an open bin at Blk 667 CCK Crescent. Traditionally, burning offerings in burn barrels is a Chinese custom.

The resident who uploaded the video, however, complained about the ashes that were flying because of the group’s actions. “To this group of guys…be considerate. Use the eco burner provided. Ashes are floating and scattered all the way to units!” his post read.

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Singaporean 16-year-old boy asks for help in dealing with his ‘helicopter mom’ who won’t stop hovering over him


Photo: Freepik/wayhomestudio (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE — One 16-year-old boy took to r/SingaporeRaw recently to ask for advice about his “helicopter mom” who insists on having a say in everything in his life. His problems with her include her “trying to restrict everything,” including when and how long he uses his phone or laptop.

The young man wrote that his mom insists that he use the hair dryer even when they’re just staying home and that he can’t even choose his own clothes and must approve of what he wears “since im her son I represent her and must dress what she thinks is good… often times making me look like an absolute idiot while at it, such as making me wear a long sleeved button down shirt with formal-ish trousers, to meet my friends at the neighbourhood mall.”

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Customer says ‘never again’ after ‘miserable’ food portion cost her $49.90; ‘barely 3 small bites, fish also tasted stale’



SINGAPORE — Since last year, many Singaporeans have been up in arms about rising food prices and shrinking portions after the cost of ingredients also went up. One customer took to the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page over a serving of fish she called “miserable.”

Ms Krystal Tan had purchased food from  Wàn Hé Lóu, a Chinese restaurant, which she tagged in her post. “Fish costed $49.90 (excluding gst) with such small portion, barely 3 small bites. The fish also tasted stale, it’s dark in the inner flesh, a sign that the fish bas been soaked in the sauce for a long time. A fresh fish will not be that stale and dark,” she wrote, adding that the asparagus dish she ordered was “also miserable.”

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Netizens say Singapore is first-world country, but ATM outlet litterbugs don’t reflect first-world citizens


Photo: FB screengrab

SINGAPORE — A photo of an ATM outlet with discarded receipts scattered on the floor got a member of the public wondering if Singapore was indeed a first-world country.

“Guys, come on, we are (a) first world country. Location Ang Mo Kio Central Stage DBS outlet,” wrote a Facebook group Complaint Singapore member on Monday (Jan 23).

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“The soda is $5???” — Customer charged S$32 for one burger, fries & soda


Images: from Reddit Singapore / @silaslovesoliver

SINGAPORE — Singaporeans were shocked after an online user shared a receipt totalling S$32 for one burger, fries, and soda at a Five Guys branch in Singapore.

The online user took to a Singapore news forum on Tuesday (Jan 24) to share a picture of the receipt for a meal consisting of a burger, fries, and soda. The total was S$32. “Wow,” the caption read. “Pricey!”

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