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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Mega Millions lottery jackpot is up to $660 million, and people are hoping to buy the winning lottery ticket ahead of Friday’s drawing.

Customers bought their lottery tickets at a gas station in Maryland Heights Thursday hoping to win the big prize.

“Seeing that it’s $660 million, yes now I will,” said Neil Cooley.

Friday’s winner won’t take home the full $660 million, there will be taxes the potential winner will have to pay on the winnings.

“Give me my money all upfront. Take the taxes out and be done with it,” said Debra Thornton.

Lottery taxes are different in each state. Illinois’ lottery tax rate is 4.95% while Missouri’s is 5.4%. It means if the winning ticket comes from Illinois, the lump sum is $218 million, while in Missouri that number drops by $1 million.

Customers in Missouri said the extra money isn’t worth the drive.

“No. It wouldn’t make a difference and I would spend all the money I win on me,” said Joanne Booker. “So, I wouldn’t have to go back and forth or anything.”

Thornton said she’s not sure if she wants to make the drive to Illinois.

“I don’t know about driving over to Illinois to go get a ticket, you know, but I’m fine with the ticket I have here,” said Thornton.

The price of gas is another reason players are still buying tickets close to home.

“With the price of gas, not really. Especially because I have a truck, so it seems like that’s what it costs anyway and when you have $660 million it’s a drop in the bucket anyway,” said Cooley. ​:

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Mega Millions lottery jackpot rises to $660 million

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