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LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lone Star state has long been a destination for families wanting to move to a new location, and Lubbock has been no stranger to that. The Hub City saw a 4 percent growth in the past five years. 

“People are coming here for our universities, people are coming here to do business, start businesses. We saw a lot of really good growth in that early part of 2022,” said John Osborne, CEO of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance. 

Whether it’s the athletics, the arts, or the cuisine, Lubbock has a charm that has attracted new residents from west of the Mississippi river. A majority of new residents coming from California, Arizona and New Mexico to explore the South Plains.  

Osborne said Lubbock is averaging upwards of six million visitors a year, bringing in a boom to the economy and local businesses. One business that’s seen that growth first-hand was Lubbock Moving Company, a local company helping residents move all across the Hub City. 

“There’s been a whole lot of influx of new people coming from the last couple of years. I’ve seen not only in the moving part, but just around. And I have to say a lot of that is due to the fact we have cultural diversity like none other in West Texas,” said Jonathan Rogers, Field Manager for Lubbock Moving Company. 

Rogers says the busiest season for the moving company is during the spring and summer seasons, and Osborne says there’s a reason for this, “people are anticipating job changes or they’re looking to move to a specific area and there are a lot more houses that are generally on the market in the springtime.”

State demographers predicted the Hub City’s population will hit a half a million by 2050, an increase that Rogers has already seen in his past two years working as a mover, “We have a lot of return customers due to the fact that Lubbock is growing north, west, east, all different ways.”

The growth is only expected to continue, as Osborne says Lubbock is one of the most affordable cities in Texas, “We’re actually projected to grow about 6.3%. So if you thought the last five years were pretty busy in terms of growth in our community, looking at the next five, we look to be growing even faster.”

As for residents looking to make the move, Rogers said the Lubbock Moving Company is always available for those needs, “We are excited for all the changes that have happened this year as well as any and all changes for the city itself to come.”

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Lubbock hits 4% growth in past 5 years, population expected to hit half a million by 2050

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