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The geriatrics department of the Villeneuvois health center, in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, organized a conference on Tuesday for health professionals in the area. It focused on improving the care of the elderly.

“In our territory, that of the third district of Lot-et-Garonne, the population is getting older and older. And on the other hand, we have a decreasing number of healthcare professionals. The situation is worrying and will require adaptations”. This is an implacable observation made by Dr. David Chaury, oncogeriatrician and head of the geriatrics center of the Villeneuvois health center. So, to warn and inform the medical and paramedical professionals located around the Villeneuvois health center, a conference was organized on Tuesday, November 22 in the premises of the Villeneuve-sur-Lot hospital. About seventy health personnel (doctors, private nurses, etc.) from Villeneuvois, Fumélois or even the 4 Cantons took part.

In Villeneuvois, there are more and more elderly people

During his presentation, Dr. David Chaury drew up a demographic assessment of Villeneuvois in the broad sense (the entire third district of Lot-et-Garonne). “Lot-et-Garonne is one of the departments in France with the most elderly people. And in Lot-et-Garonne, our canton is one of the oldest, ”summarized the oncogeriatrician. According to figures from the 2019 census, 22% of the inhabitants of the territory (i.e. 19,577 out of 89,093) are between 60 and 74 years old, and 20.3% (i.e. 18,056) are between 45 and 59 years old. And the age pyramid clearly shows that the dominant age group in terms of numbers is that of people whose age is between 65 and 69 years old. “The current situation is tense but it will deteriorate even more in the future. Because all people between the ages of 45 and 59 will pass into the upper age bracket. That’s why we have to find solutions. »

Fewer and fewer healthcare workers on the territory

Supporting graph, where we see a curve showing the number of general practitioners in Lot-et-Garonne which is inexorably decreasing (figures from the ARS), Dr David Chaury makes a “maddening” observation of the evolution of “medical and paramedical demography” in the department. “The decrease in the number of caregivers in Lot-et-Garonne is accelerating. Medical deserts are increasing in number, extending in territory and our district is strongly impacted. This is true in extra-hospital as in intra-hospital. It will get worse in the next 5-10 years, ”explains the head of the geriatrics center in Villeneuve, which has 26 beds. Fewer health workers to take care of a growing population that needs a lot of care makes the situation very complicated. Understaffed, care is more difficult, home visits are less regular. And, at the end of the chain, it is the emergencies of the health center that find themselves engorged. What doctors absolutely want to avoid.

Change the habits of caregivers regarding geriatrics

Medical and paramedical personnel will have to adapt to this deteriorating situation. “We must reinvent the care of the elderly, encourages Dr. David Chaury. It is necessary to arrive at a better communication between the nurses of city and those of the hospital. We also need more culture of geriatrics in non-specialized services. This kind of meeting, as we have just done, makes it possible to redo, among other things, information with fellow general practitioners. It is always useful to remember which are the right people to contact in our services. »

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Lot-et-Garonne: for better medical care for the elderly in Villeneuvois – OI Canadian

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