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City needs more venues for pickleball

We want to thank Mr. Bill Buell for his excellent article (“Pickleball’s rise continues in Capital Region”) in the July 7 Gazette.
Pickleball is indeed a popular, rapidly growing sport in the Capital District, including in Schenectady.
However, there are currently no public, outdoor venues for pickleball in the city of Schenectady.
During the summer, our club members must play at different locations scattered throughout Saratoga and Schenectady Counties.
During the winter, many play indoors at the Boys and Girls Club of Schenectady or in Saratoga County.
If there were pickleball courts in Schenectady, Mr. Buell may have reported that we recently established the “Mohawk Pickleball Club.”
The mission of the Mohawk Pickleball Club is to promote the sport of pickleball throughout the city and county of Schenectady.
Pickleball is a very social game for children, young adults, and active seniors.
Usually, a dozen or more players meet to play pickleball together.
Pickleball is a relatively easy game to learn for those interested in a safe, healthy, and social recreational sport.
The Mohawk Pickleball Club has begun an initiative to work with city officials toward a better understanding of the many individual and community benefits of pickleball and the need for new pickleball court venues, like those at Eastside Rec in Saratoga and Jenkinsville Park in Queensbury.
Together, the city and the Mohawk Pickleball Club can provide “healthy community” opportunities for pickleball players of all ages in the city of Schenectady.
Mr. Buell, keep “Serving it Up.”
Richard Unger


Support candidates who support Earth

We’ve been at a crossroads and now our activist Supreme Court has given us a shove down the road to extinction.
Some, who can at least acknowledge the horrendous damage we’re doing to our planet, dismiss it with, “Oh well, God is coming soon.”
Do you think he will be pleased with your indifference when the Bible says that he will bring to ruin those ruining his creation?
For years now, Republicans have been packing the lower courts and the Supreme Court with anti-climate regulation judges.
Fossil fuel companies and the Koch brothers have spent incredible sums of money assuring that judges are appointed oppose regulations that affect polluting businesses.
Coral Davenport in the June 20 New York Times shows how the Federalist Society worked to pack our courts.
The Supreme Court decision will cripple the regulations designed to slow climate change.
They are assuring that, for their monetary gain, our poor children and grandchildren will be suffering from 140-degree heat (as is occurring in India and Pakistan), frightening floods, and all-consuming fires.
Our activist Supreme Court has defanged the EPA in its decision.
No longer can they protect us without getting the approval of Congress and the president.
That’s a laugh. since most of the Republicans owe their election to money supplied by the polluters.
We can’t let this happen.
Our vote is our only hope. Vote for independents, Democrats or Greens who care about the Earth they are leaving to their grandchildren.
No other issue is as important.
Martha Winsten



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Letters to the Editor Thursday, July 21 – The Daily Gazette

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