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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–The newly formed union, New York State Legislative Workers United, is calling for better treatment and pay across the entire Senate .

“We are expected to work extremely long hours, and not compensated for those hours. The benefits are different among other work places and we are expected to travel without stipends,” stated Samantha Walsh, Legislative Director for Senator Jessica Ramos.

Walsh said while many got into the job to help constituents, the turnover rates are high because it’s not a sustainable job for most people.

“A legislative director could make $70,000 in one office and $40,000 in another office and yet have the same expectations and work just as hard and sometimes make half the money. Some people make more than that, so it’s crazy. It really is.”

Legislative workers began forming this union in January. According to Walsh, it became public earlier than typical organizing efforts because they thought it was necessary for their own job safety.

Even though the union is in it’s early stages and isn’t eligible for full recognition, a letter was written to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

“It was more of a publication to say ‘hi, we’re organizing, we want better standards.’ More of an asking for recognition. Until we get 50% plus one percent of cards signed of our bargaining unit, we cannot ask for voluntary recognition.”

A spokesperson for Stewart-Cousins, released a statement that said “ We are in receipt of the most recent letter and expect more communication. The Senate Staff has done a tremendous amount of work in unprecedented times and are an amazing asset to the entire senate. Obviously this process is just beginning and we will continue these crucial discussions as the process moves forward.”

Legislative workers forming new union

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