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As of Wednesday (the weekday) earlier this week, it’s safe to say that we’ve all agreed as a society that scream queen Jenna Ortega is the definitive Wednesday Addams, so much so that we may have difficulty separating her from the role in the future, aesthetic transformation notwithstanding.

Indeed, the young actress can safely lay claim to her status as the quintessential Wednesday Addams, with her starring role in Wednesday packed to the brim with inch-perfect brooding, immediately iconic hairstyling, and a deftly-Wednesday manner of handling the people and world around her all combining into the most perfect essence of the character we may have ever seen.

In some ways, much like how Ortega is Wednesday, Wednesday is, in turn, Ortega; in a recent tweet, the star of Wednesday hinted at her and her character’s shared distaste for the pilgrim costume, which was forced upon her for the Town of Jericho’s Outreach Day, and used it as ammunition to cheekily guilt us all into binging the show.

Ortega’s face says it all; the pilgrim outfit ain’t it. If we were tasked with wearing a costume like that for the sake of filming a television episode, we’d be making damn sure we got our viewership’s worth out of it, too.

Ortega’s fans were all too happy to let her know that her calls for Wednesday viewings wouldn’t be going unanswered.

Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix, and for those of you on the fence about giving it a shot, just remember the fashion crimes that Ortega committed for our sakes.

Jenna Ortega urges you to respect her sacrifice by watching ‘Wednesday’ over Thanksgiving

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