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With the Golden Globes behind us and Oscar nominations set to drop within a matter of hours, award season is well and truly in full swing, celebrating the best and brightest in film and television.

None other than Jared Leto and the team behind last year’s morbially acclaimed Morbius just so happen to be up for a number of accolades, although not for any of Hollywood’s highest honors – the Academy is unlikely to touch that flaming pile of mediocrity with a ten-foot pole.

Rather, Leto has been nominated for Worst Actor for his role in Morbius at the 43rd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, as they’re more commonly known. Honestly, we’re thrilled that the actor is getting the recognition he deserves. 

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Morbius is primed for an award sweep at this year’s Razzies, as Leto’s performance isn’t the only part of Morbius that the Razzies is calling out recognizing. The film is also nominated for the perhaps-not-coveted Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay, Worst Director and Worst Supporting Actress – with those latter two honors going to Daniel Espinosa and Adria Arjona, respectively. 

Jared Leto is flanked by fellow Worst Actor nominees Machine Gun Kelly for his role in Good Mourning, Pete Davidson in Marmaduke, Tom Hanks in Disney’s Pinocchio, and Sylvester Stallone in Samaritan. 

Even though the only arguably entertaining thing to come out of Morbius was all the morbin’ memes, Disney, in their infinite wisdom, has signed Jared Leto on for the next Tron film – so look forward to that. 

We wonder when Leto will finally take the hint and hang up his acting hat, opting to just enjoy life on ‘The Kill’ royalties while performing the song for the 800,001st time in concert venues around the world. 

Jared Leto finally gets an award nomination for his role in ‘Morbius’ and it could not be more deserved

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