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What’s the key to finding love?

We were both in very good spots when we met each other. I always tell people I had never been happier than I was the day before I met him. Not that I’m less happy now, but I wasn’t looking for anything. I don’t think romance and relationships always bring happiness, but happiness is what allows them to happen.

Do you think that things would have been different if this had happened to you 10 years earlier or 10 years later?

I don’t think it would have made a difference. But I think the older you get, the more confident you become. Not because you get any better at whatever you were doing, but you just get less concerned about what other people think. I am fluent in Spanish, for example, but I make all kinds of mistakes. Now I know that my worth, my value, who I am in the world, does not come from how well I speak Spanish. And that feeling gives you some freedom to reach out and do things that as a younger person, you might not have been willing to do.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn the Tango and Fall in Love – iNow

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