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Islamiyat MCQs

Islamiat MCQs For Jobs in Pakistan

Hey, Today in this article we are going to give you the 500+ ISLAMIAT MCQs with answers For jobs in 2020, These MCQs are taken from various Jobs test of National Testing Service, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan.

We have collected all the data and we have tried to provide you the best information related to ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQs from basic to advance level with their answers. These ISLAMIAT MCQs will help you for the Preparation of Job Test, Interview, and competitive exams, etc. These Islamic Studies MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan. 

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Note: List down below contains Ultimate ISLAMIAT MCQS (Try to GET maximum benefit form this list). These MCQs will be repeated in upcoming test.

ISLAMIAT MCQs with answers For jobs in 2020


Facts and Figures about the Holy Quran

  1. How many Sura are in Holy Quran? 114
  2. How many stop ( Waqf ) are in Holy Quran? 5098
  3. How many Thashdeed are in Holy Quran? 19253
  4. How many letters are in Holy Quran? 323671
  5. How many Verses are in Holy Quran? 6666
  6. How many pash are in Holy Quran? 4808
  7. How many Madd are in Holy Quran?  1771
  8. How many words are in Holy Quran? 77701
  9. How many parts of the Holy Quran? 30
  10. How many dots are in Holy Quran? 1015030
  11. How many over bar (zaber) are in Holy Quran? 93243
  12. How many under bar ( Zaer ) are in Holy Quran? 39586
  13. How many Raque are in Holy Quran? 1000
  14. How many Sura start with Bismillah Al-Rahmaan Al-Raheem? 293
  15. How many time Bismillah Al-Rahmaan Al-Raheem is repeated? 114
  16. How many time the word ‘Quran’ is repeated in the Holy Quran? 70.
  17. Which is the longest Sura of the Holy Quran? Al-Baqarah.
  18. Which is the shortest Sura of the Holy Quran? Quasar
  19. The longest verse of the Holy Quran is in which Sura? Al-Baqarah No.282
  20. How many words are in the longest Sura of the Holy Quran? 25500
  21. How many words are in the smallest Sura of the Holy Quran? 42
  22. Invitation of Namaz is 700 times in the Quran.
  23. Hazrat Ayesha was the first who counted all the Quran’s Ayats.
  24. Quran-e-Pak was completed in 22 years, 5 months and 14 days.
  25. The name Allah is 2584 times in the Quran-e-Pak.
  26. Quran-e-Pak has been translated in 103 languages in the world.
  27. Four Names of Mosques are mentioned in Quran-e-Pak- Masjid-e-Haram, Masjid-e-Ziraar, Masjid-e-Nabwi SAW and Masjid-e-Aqsa.
  28. Which letter is used for the most time in Holy Quran? Alaph
  29. Which letter is used for the lest time in Holy Quran?  Zaa.
  30. Which is the best drink mentioned in Holy Quran? Milk.
  31. The best eatable thing mentioned in the Holy Quran is? Honey.
  32. Which is the best night mentioned in Holy Quran? Night of Qadar.
  33. Which is the best month mentioned in the Holy Quran? Ramazan
  34. Which is the biggest animal mentioned in the Holy Quran? Elephant.
  35. Which is the smallest animal mentioned in the Holy Quran? Mosquito
  36. The most disliked thing by God though Halal is? Divorce
  37. Which Sura of the Holy Quran is called the mother of the Quran? Sura Hamd
  38. Which sura is called the heart of the Holy Quran? Yaseen.
  39. How many Sura start with Al-Hamdullelah? FiveHamd, Inaam, Kahf, Saba & Fatr.
  40. Which Sura has the same number of verses as the number of Sura of the Holy Quran? Taqveer, 114 verses.

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  1. How many Sura’s name is only one letter? ThreeQaf, Sad & Noon.
  2. How many Sura start with the word ” Inna”? Four suraFatha, Nuh, Qadr, Quasar.
  3. Which Sura has the number of its verses equal to the number of Masumeen? Saf, 114 verses.
  4. Which suras are called Musabbahat? Esra, Hadeed, Hsar, Juma, Taghabun & Aala.
  5. How many sura are Makkahi and how many are Madni ?Macci 86, Madni 28.
  6. Which sura is on the name of a tribe of Holy Prophet? Quresh
  7. In which sura the name of Allah is repeated five times? Sura al-Haj.
  8. Which sura are named Azaiam? Sajdah, Fusselat, Najum & Alaq.
  9. Which sura is on the name of one Holy war? Sura Ahzaab.
  10. Which sura is on the name of one metal? Sura Hadeed
  11. Which sura does not start with Bismillah? Sura Tauba.

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