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Islamiyat MCQs

Islamiat MCQs PDF for Jobs in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to give you the Islamiat MCQs PDF file these MCQs are taken from various Jobs tests of National Testing Service, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC, and other competitive exams of Pakistan.

We have collected all the data and we have tried to provide you the best information related to ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQs from basic to advance level with their answers. These ISLAMIAT MCQs PDF file will help you for the Preparation of Job Test, Interview, and competitive exams, etc. These MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan. 

Islamiat MCQs PDF

  1. Which sura is called ‘Aroos-ul-Quran? Sura Rehman.
  2. Which sura is considered as 1/3 of the holy Quran? Sura touheed.
  3. The name of how many sura are without dot? Hamd, Raad, Toor, Room, Masad.
  4. In which sura Besmillah came twice? Sura Naml.
  5. How many sura start with the Initials ( Mukette’at )? 29 Sura.
  6. Which Sura was revealed twice? Sura Hamd.
  7. In which Sura the back biter are condemned? Sura Humzah.
  8. In which Sura the name of Allah is repeated in every verse? Sura Mujadala.
  9. In which Sura the letter ‘Fa’ did not come? Hamd.
  10. Which Sura are called Muzetain? Falk & Nas.
  11. Which are those Sura if their name are reversed remain the same? Lael & Tabbat.
  12. Which is that Sura, if its first letter is removed, it becomes the name of one of the city of Saudi Arab? Sajdah
  13. Which Sura starts with word ‘ Tabara Kallazi’- Mulk & Furkan
  14. Macci Sura were revealed in how many years ? 13 years
  15. Madani Sura were revealed in how many years ? 10 years.
  16. Which sura start with word Kad? Mujadala & Momenoon.
  17. Which Sura is related to Hazrat Ali? Sura Adiat.
  18. How many Sura are in 30th. Chapter? 37
  19. Which Sura is revealed in respect of Ahllelbayet? Sura Dahr.
  20. Which sura every verse ends with letter ‘ Ra ‘? Qauser
  21. In which sura the creation of human being is mentioned? Sura Hijr V-26.
  22. In which sura the regulations for prisoner of war is mentioned? Sura Nesa
  23. Which sura is having the laws about marriage? Sura Nesa.
  24. Which sura if its name is reversed becomes the name of one bird? Sura Room.
  25. In which sura the story of the worship of cow of Bani Esra’iel is mentioned? Sura Taha.
  26. In which sura the law of inheritance is mentioned? Sura Nesa.
  27. In which sura the Hegira of Holy Prophet is mentioned? Sura Hadeed.
  28. In which Sura the story of Hazrat Adam & Hvva, their coming in this world is mentioned? Sura Taha
  29. In which sura the order for the obedience of Islamic leader is mentioned? Sura Nesa.
  30. Which Sura all its verses ends with letter ‘ Seen’? Sura Naas.
  31. Which Sura is called Al-Ghafer?Sura Momem.
  32. In which sura the holy war of Badr is mentioned? Sura Infall.
  33. In which sura the story of Karoon is mentioned? Sura Qasas
  34. What is the other name of Sura Touba? Sura Bara’at.
  35. Which sura whose all verses end on the letter ‘Ya’? Sura Lael.
  36. The verse ” Fabay Eyyey ala-e- Rabby Ko Ma Tutazzebaan ” is how many time repeated in Sura Rehmaan.? 31 Time.
  37. In which two verses of Holy Quran the complete 28 alphabets has come? In sura Al-Imran V-154 & Sura Fath V-29.
  38. In which verse the duration of the day of Qayyamat is mentioned? Sura Ma’arrej, V-4
  39. The Holy head of Imam Hussain (a.s.) recited which verse of the holy Quran in the bazaar -e- Sham? Sura Kahf V-9.
  40. The verse about Hejab ‘ Vail ‘ is in which sura? Sura Noor, V-31
  41. The verse about the evidence is in which sura? a Ma’edah V-55
  42. In which Sura the timing for the daily prayer is mentioned? Sura Esra V-78
  43. In which sura the process for doing the wozu is mentioned? Sura Ma’edah V-6.
  44. The verse about Mubahelah is in which sura? Sura Al-e-Imran V-61
  45. The Verse about the changing of Qibla is in which sura? Sura Baqrah V-144

Islamiat MCQs PDF File:

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Islamic Studies MCQs for Jobs in Pakistan

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