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Joe Biden, the Vice President, is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for his numerous public gaffes, during which he either appears to fall to the ground or fumbles his way through his speech.

However, despite the fact that both liberals and conservatives are aware that the age of the sitting president can become a problem, neither group expressed concern about it while Donald Trump was in office.

During his recent trip to Delaware, Vice President Biden gave a speech in which he discussed the impending climate catastrophe and the myriad of cancer subtypes that are caused by oil refineries.

Nonetheless, he claimed, without providing any further details, that he had been affected by this illness in the past. The unsettling discovery that was quickly brought to everyone’s attention by the news media was something for which nobody was prepared, but this could not be further from the truth.

Does Joe Biden Have Cancer Or Dementia?

According to the New York Post, Vice President Biden announced on Wednesday that he had cancer, which prompted the White House press office to swiftly clarify that he was referring to the treatment for skin cancer that he received prior to taking office last year.

An official from the White House named Andrew Bates directed The Post to a tweet that was written by a journalist from The Washington Post named Glenn Kessler. In the tweet, Kessler mentioned that Biden had “non-melanoma skin cancers” removed before he became vice president.

The president made the remark during a speech about global warming in which he was discussing pollutants from oil refineries close to his childhood home in Claymont, Delaware. At first glance, the remark appeared to be an astonishingly straightforward health proclamation that was made by the president.

It is unclear why Vice President Biden chose to write about his experience with illness in the present tense.

Greg Price of XStrategies LLC, in response to Kessler, tweeted, “He said, ‘I have cancer in the present tense, you absolute dips-t.’”

Joe Biden Brain Tumor Rumors

During his time as a senator, Biden required surgery for not just one but two separate brain aneurysms. According to, the initial tumor had ruptured, putting him in a potentially life-threatening circumstance.

In a similar vein, his recovery from brain surgery has been nothing short of miraculous, and doctors were able to save his life. It is truly remarkable that he was able to triumph over these aneurysms and achieve success at the highest levels of government.

According to Biden, “I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer,” citing the oil refineries as the source of his illness. (Photo courtesy of Deccanherald)

Joe Biden, who is 79 years old and the oldest person to ever hold the office of president in the United States, is frequently criticized by the general public for his mental faculties.

However, he does state that he intends to run for reelection in 2024, provided that he does not suffer from any severe health problems. His supporters point out that he has frequently been guilty of making mistakes or statements that are misleading.

Biden frequently fumbles through his words in his public appearances in an effort to forge a more personal connection with the people in the audience.

Other news includes an introduction to Patrick Brown’s wife, Genevieve Gualtieri, as well as information about the mayor of Brampton’s family.

Did Joe Biden Have Skin Cancer Treatments?

Before becoming Vice President of the United States a year ago, Joe Biden reportedly received treatment for skin cancer, as reported by The New York Post.

Even among elderly people who did not use sunscreen when they were younger, skin cancer is quite common and is typically not fatal. This is especially true if it is caught and treated early.

In addition, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who serves as Vice President Biden’s personal physician, did not mention the existence of any cancers in the president in a medical report that he issued a year ago.

According to O’Connor’s analysis, Biden’s skin cancer was caused by too much time spent in the sun, not by coming into contact with chemicals used in the oil industry. O’Connor added that “at this time, there are no regions that are suspected of having skin cancer.”

In addition, skin conditions might become even more severe when exposed to air pollution. On the other hand, it is unknown whether Vice President Biden has ever made a connection between oil refineries and the growths that have appeared on his skin, or whether medical professionals have made such a connection.

Is Joe Biden Suffering From Cancer Or Dementia? USA President Brain Tumor Rumors

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