In this article, you will get all information regarding iPhone 6s silver vs space Gray

For the best iPhone 6s silver vs space gray color is presented you here in this article. Over the ground, it was that Apple company offered you just couple of colors with their smartphones like iPhone 5s is presented you with only white & black colors.

Which color iPhone 6s should you buy? Grey or silver?

In The Mac Forums, you are stated that Apple had changed the world’s trend by giving you different variants of colors after iPhone 5s and provide you iPhone 6 and 6s with multiple colors like Silver, space Grey, Gold etc.

Which color iPhone 6s should you buy Grey or silver

Apple iPhone 6s Silver Color

In previous generations, two color iPhones were available for you as white and black but then iPhone 6s is released in different colo5s but one of the most prominent and attractive color is silver color.

So that is why, in contrast to make some changes in colors, Apple presents you silver color just like the same as white color previous models iPhone devices. But the most classic way in silver color iPhone 6s is the snazzy complement with gold color.

In explanation of this, The Mac Forums tells that gold color version of iPhone 6s is similar with contrast to front white color plate with white colors bands in backside with the smartphone 6s.

While iPhone 6s is presented you with silver color backplate makes this model stance attractive and outlook.

Apple iPhone 6s Space Grey

This is second most attractive and highly required smartphone’s color space grey iPhone 6s. that is why, it is identical to slate color iPhone 5s. thus you are presented in some different color for a bit.

When you look at the front side of iPhone 6s plate color that you will find the black face color with grey anodized color with back aluminum bands are shown off in this smartphone.

Therefore, the space grey color is offered you black & gives you backing sleek stance while it not same like dark with slate color iPhone 5s. This is done by the Apple company and everything is happened by some reason.

Here the reason to make black back don’t allow dust to stay on smartphone 6s iPhone 6s silver vs space gray.


As we have discussed in this content about the colors and its features and specification with stance over the world. As every color of Apple company displays with you most amazing outlook and enhance your personality. But it was recorded that most selling color smartphone are space grey and silver with iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s silver vs space Gray

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