In this article, you will get all information regarding How to download iOS 8 on iPhone 4?

Have you an internet connection over Wi-Fi to work with your iPhone 4? Then how to download iOS 8 on iPhone 4? For this, you can do this without any need to use your iTunes or computer.

Install iOS 8 on your iPhone 4

The Mac forums stats that if you want to install iOS 8 on your iPhone smart device 4. Then;

  • You need to go to your phone Settings and tap on General settings.
  • Now click on Software Update option and go for Download and Install to press this icon and get started for iOS.

How Can I Update My iPhone 4 To iOS 8?

How Can I Update My iPhone 4 To iOS 8? Apple device iPhone 4 is modern technology smartphone which can’t be updated on iOS 8 Apple’s latest operating system.

The reason is that, this handset is older phone with 4 years and iOS 8 is newest operating system introduced by Apple company or its latest version devices.

Then you have the query, is it possible to download and install iOS 8 with 4 years old smart device iPhone 4? For how to download iOS 8 on iPhone 4? Apple solves your query by giving you’re the opportunity to update your iPhone 4s.

Can you install iOS 8 on iPhone 4?

And this is the handset of Apple company from its oldest phones that can be updated to iOS 8 the modern operating system. In this way, we have concluded that this 4 years previous smartphone of Apple brand iPhone 4 can’t be supported to download and install any latest operating system of Apple.

Can you install iOS 8 on iPhone 4

Even company didn’t upgrade after iOS 7.1.2 which is supportive for iPhone 4. That is why, iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10 can’t be downloaded and installed on iPhone 4.

Update Software On iPhone 4 To iOS

To download latest version iOS operating system on your iPhone 4, you have to follow the instructions.

  1. Plugin power supply with your phone and get started with Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Go to Settings on your device and click on General settings.
  3. Then go to Software Update on your phone settings.
  4. Click on Download and Install.
  5. Now you will receive a confirmation message asking permission for downloading
  6. Click in install button.
  7. If your system required any passcode, make your passcode for security purpose.

Install iOS on iPhone 4

If you have old version operating system with 4 years long-standing iPhone 4. Then you have to update this handset to latest operating system iOS. But you are familiar that your phone can’t be updated with latest and newest iOS. It can be supported by iOS 7.1.2 only.

  • Make sure, you have 11 version iTunes installed with your iPhone.
  • Unlock your PC system and shut down any open application on your compute system.
  • Now you have to tap on power icon to get started.
  • Then you have to make a connection among your iPhone 4 and computer system.

How to download iOS 8 on iPhone 4?

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