In this article, you will get all information regarding How to avoid heat stroke, dehydration in high temperatures

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The heat is on everyone’s minds this week. Doctors at local hospitals across the Capital Region are recommending staying inside in the air conditioning if you can; but if you do plan on spending time in the sun, finding shade and staying hydrated is key.

“Hydration in moderation but making sure you’re keeping regular, nice icy cold non-alcoholic beverage to continue to sip in,” Doctor Michael Dailey, Chief of Prehospital Medicine at Albany Medical Center, said.

Doctor Robert Donnarumma, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Saratoga Hospital, tells News10 ABC’s Skylar Eagle 22 people have come into the emergency room with heat-related illness so far in 2022. As the population in Saratoga nearly doubles because of the track and summer activities, he said the hospital is prepared for the extra intake.

Common signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion include:

Early signs of heat stroke include:

Dailey said heat stroke can be fatal if untreated, but it can be avoided.

“Staying out of the heat for extended periods of time is very important, not doing strenuous things in the heat if you can help it,” Dailey said.

Dailey added he is most concerned about people who can’t make it out of this heat and encourages everyone to watch if other people near them are exhibiting warning signs and help them seek care.

“Small children, the elderly, people on medications can sometimes be at increased risk of exposure to the heat, all of those things are extremely concerning,” Dailey said.

How to avoid heat stroke, dehydration in high temperatures

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