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The Hisense 26.6 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker is a beautiful refrigerator that looks more expensive than it is, offers excellent features, and is a great way to add more organization to your kitchen.

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For the past few months, I’ve been testing the Hisense HRF266N6CSE refrigerator, which retailed for $1,599. I put this through its paces at home with two teenagers and a busy kitchen and fell in love with the water dispenser inside, the innovative storage and modern style. This model number has since been recalled due to door hinges coming loose. Fixed the issue and updated the model name to HRF266N6CSE1 (also $1,599). Otherwise, these refrigerators are identical.

The Hisense offers plenty of storage space inside. Thanks to the integrated door handles, it doesn’t take up as much space as our previous refrigerator.



  • Modern, intelligent design
  • Adept use of interior space and organization
  • Water and ice without outdoor dispenser


  • Shows fingerprints
  • Door storage options are fixed

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Using the Hisense French Door refrigerator

Hisense fridge review
The Hisense refrigerator features a hidden water dispenser and an internal ice maker for a clean design.

Hisense does a fantastic job of designing the annoyances that most refrigerators have to deal with on a daily basis. This refrigerator is one that I enjoy having in our house and using.

This might seem like a small detail – but it’s significant: the water dispenser starts quickly and stops immediately after you pull your glass away. So many refrigerators don’t stop sending water soon enough, resulting in water on the floor, in a drip tray, or on your clothes. The Hisense water dispenser is fast and impressive. The interior dispenser is great for cups, but can be cumbersome when filling oversized items.

Hisense fridge review
The fridge is easy to organize thanks to the internal shelving arrangement.

It is located inside the refrigerator, which makes the front of this model look very tidy. This design choice also means that no water or ice dispenser takes up storage space in the door or in the fridge. This frees up plenty of space for three storage compartments on each door. It would be nice if the door shelf could be adjusted up or down.

There is plenty of space when both French doors are open. This allowed us to fit a sausage tray or a large pizza box. The shelves are all glass which looks great, allows light throughout the fridge and makes it easy to find things. One of the shelves slides back to accommodate taller items like jugs without much rearranging.

Hisense fridge review
The drawers are spacious and able to handle large items.

The meat and cheese drawer is wide and deep which makes it very easy to organize and holds a lot without stacking. So everyone can see what’s in the drawer, which can accommodate additional storage bins for smaller snacks. There are two vegetable and fruit drawers each with a ventilation option that can keep various items fresh.

Hisense fridge review
The freezer allows easy access to frequently used items and has a deeper drawer for stacking other items.

A two-tier freezer allows for a significant amount of storage and organization. The lower freezer section requires stacking, and while you’ll have to search it to find some items, there’s plenty of usable space. The top freezer drawer slides in and out smoothly. This is where the ice tray sits for easy access. We bought a plastic scoop to quickly fill mugs and cups. The water filter lasts six months and costs $45.

Hisense French Door refrigerator design and performance

Hisense fridge review
The built-in handles mean this fridge takes up less space in the kitchen – and we get compliments on its style.

The Hisense French Door fridge has a modern look with a clean design thanks to its water dispenser and ice maker inside. However, when combined with its stainless steel finish and integrated handles, it looks like a much more expensive piece of equipment. With no protruding handles, it also opens up the walking area between the refrigerator and the kitchen island.

The stainless steel front of the fridge is magnetic and is perfect for displaying children’s artwork. It shows fingerprints but is easy to clean. The sides of the fridge are gray instead of black, which helps it blend in with the kitchen rather than stand out and show dust.

Occasionally, something will slip from the top level of the freezer drawer into the back of the freezer, but it’s easy to reach in from the sides to grab it. Hisense makes a very quiet refrigerator, a must in an open floor plan home where the family room is directly across from the kitchen table.

Should You Buy the Hisense French Door Refrigerator?

Hisense fridge review
The Hisense refrigerator offers excellent value for money and can easily meet the needs of a family.

Rarely does a refrigerator bring joy. In fact, it often happens that using the water dispenser or accessing a drawer on competing devices is annoying or downright annoying. Hisense produced a refrigerator that actually made us smile when we used it.

The internal water dispenser is the best we have ever used. The ice cubes are the perfect size. Both the fridge and freezer do an excellent job of maintaining the temperature we set them to. The shelving and drawer arrangement is great for organizing our groceries, leftovers and the variety of snacks we need in a home with teenagers.

If you’re looking for a new refrigerator, the Hisense 26.6 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker is a great choice.

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Hisense 26.6 Cubic Feet French Door Refrigerator Review – World Time Todays

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