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As of to date the Ministry of Human Resources has approved a total of 995,396 employment quotas for foreign workers however upon reaching the figure the Ministry is taking a pause and will hold all new applications until further notice it said in a press statement.

Among the quotas fulfilled the construction Sector received 342,106 followed by the service sector with 143,568, the manufacturing sector with the most at 387,122, the plantation sector 76,325, Mining and Quarrying Sector (376); and Agriculture Sector (45,899).

MOHR said the quota approval amount has taken into account foreign worker quota applications which are processed normally and through the Employee Employment Flexibility Plan Foreign which includes five critical sectors namely Manufacturing Sector, Construction, Plantation, Agriculture, and Services (Restaurant only). The quota approval for foreign workers so far is expected to meet the needs of foreign employment by industries including critical sectors thus it said the Government decided to postpone the application and foreign worker quota approval including through the Employment Relaxation Plan Foreign workers starting Saturday, March 18, 2023 until a later date will be notified later.

It said this to ensure that the employers granted quota approval will start making plans for the immediate entry of foreign workers needed. The Minister has urged employers who have been approved for foreign worker quota to expedite the process of hiring employees during this period of time.

Government Pauses Approval For Foreign Worker Intake

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