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It’s been another memorable week for Pets Online, with stories covering everything from a very naughty dog ​​who was caught raiding his owner’s bin after having the lid stuck around his neck, to a doting one “Cat Dad” comforting a Golden Retriever puppy.

However, the real highlights of the week came courtesy of our readers, who eagerly sent in pictures and stories about their adorable pet companions. Picking a winner is never easy, but this week is news week The Pet of the Week award goes to a very special pooch who caught our eye with their unique approach to staying cool during the heatwave.

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Ghost the rescue dog.
Ghost the Rescue Dog – the puppy has found a special place in the house to cool off.

This week’s winner is Ghost, a creative dog who was rescued from a shelter when he was just 7 months old. The ASPCA estimates that around 3.1 million dogs enter animal shelters each year. About 2 million of them are adopted.

Ghost was one of the lucky ones as he caught the attention of owner Natalie Cameron’s brother who then decided to give him a chance at a new life in a forever home. Now at the ripe old age of 9, Cameron shared news week this Ghost is a beloved family member who, like each of us, comes with our own unique eccentricities.

In Ghost’s case, it’s his penchant for keeping his cool. Ghost likes to stay out of the sun in a special “cool spot” he found in the house last year. “He also likes to lie on the air conditioner vent or in front of a fan,” she said. “He also loves to stick his head out the window in the car.”

Ghost currently lives with five human companions and another dog. Cameron says that when Ghost isn’t relaxing, “also likes to run around in his big backyard chasing squirrels and birds.”

“Luckily he hasn’t caught any yet,” she adds. In the evenings, he loves snuggling up with his family and his favorite stuffed pink elephant for a well-deserved rest.


Loreal the greyhound.
Loreal the greyhound – this super fast dog enjoyed a career on the Arkansas track.
Mike Kanter

Affectionately nicknamed “Flying” Loreal by his owners Mike and Sharron Kantor, this graceful greyhound came in a close second this time but still ranked among the finalists.

Loreal turned 5 in July but is wise beyond her years having joined the Kantors after a strenuous career as a greyhound at the Arkansas dog track where she made 109 race appearances.

After retiring from the sport, Loreal took on a very different challenge after being adopted by the Greyhound Pets of America initiative.

“We adopted Loreal two weeks after losing our Great Dane Kloee,” said Mike Kantor news week. “She was a perfect fit for my wife and I from the moment we brought her home and has been a great companion every day since.”

Like many greyhounds, Loreal suffers from corns that can make walking on hard surfaces difficult. However, it’s a whole different story when they get them on weed.

“We take her for walks twice a day, except for the time in her garden. As soon as my wife starts getting ready for our walks,” says Kantor. “Loreal is ballistic with joy as she really enjoys her long walks.”

“I cannot recommend greyhounds highly enough as family members,” added Kantor. “They love to go for a walk, to be petted, to sleep and just to be part of the family.”

Pache the dog.
Pache the dog – his name is Italian for “peace,” but he has the appearance of a feisty dog.
Tiffany Walton

Another finalist is Pache, an adorably cute pooch whose name, according to owner Tiffany Walton, is derived from him tempothe Italian word for “peace”.

However, his excited demeanor in the provided image suggests “peace” is the last thing anyone brings around this four-legged friend.

A carefree looking dog, Pache’s bright eyes and happily hanging tongue suggest he is a very content dog.

Ernie, Mom and Lolly.
The cats Ernie and Mama together with the dog Lolly.
John Hazlett

Last but not least, there’s pet owner John Hazlett’s happy cat family, Ernie and Mom, along with their canine sibling Lolly.

Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but this trio seem happy to live together and vie for their owner’s affection on a daily basis.

Ernie and mom certainly seem close, with their loving relationship a welcome sight for any cat owner. Lolly on the other hand cuts a decidedly cute figure in the picture provided, which is also good considering they are heavily outnumbered.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet that you want to share? We want to see the best, and they might even make our Pet of the Week! Send them to and they may appear on our website. Ghost the rescue dog who loves chasing squirrels wins Pet of the Week

Ghost the rescue dog who loves chasing squirrels wins Pet of the Week – World Time Todays

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