In this article, you will get all information regarding Galaxy s4 vs s5 specs

Samsung brands you with its flagship Android operating system smartphones galaxy s4 vs s5 specs. Thus, when you look at the both smart handsets s4 and s5.

Then you will find them copies of previous model Samsung smartphones. So, today, in this article, we are going to have to broad comparison between Samsung s4 and s5 smart gadgets.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

By the efforts of The Mac Forums, you will get to know which smartphone of Samsung brand is best for you to Compare Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5.

Although, these two models are looking same with processors. But there are a lot of new features and new updates discovered by Samsung in new release.

Screen size galaxy s4 vs s5 features

While we are discussing the rate difference and comparison of screen and display size galaxy s4 vs s5 specs.

Then you will surprise to know that Samsung updated its newest model galaxy s5 screen size with 5.1-inch display and has beaten the galaxy s4 in size race.

Therefore, additionally, Samsung gives you AMOLED display style with 1920.1080px high quality HD display.

While when you look the specs of Samsung galaxy s4 resolution then you will find it same as galaxy Samsung s5 has. But here is one difference and that is the size of screen display with 5.0-inch display.

Build in by default specs Samsung s5 vs s4

As we have got to know that Samsung model s5 is bigger in size than Samsung galaxy model s4 in comparison of galaxy s4 vs s5 specs. But here is also more differentiation and comparison for its construction and building regarding to dimensions.

Consequently, Samsung offers you galaxy s5 smart model with 72.5x142mm with comparison of galaxy s4 with 69.8×136.6mm. while we for the thickness of smartphone then Samsung s5 model has 8.1mm from s4 7.9mm.

There is also one build in quality in this comparison with rear casing plastic material regardless of metal frame body or leather body framework. In contrast of, Samsung has updated its model galaxy s5 with latest version IP67 technology.

In this way, Samsung s5 claim has proven right with waterproof quality and water-resistant feature.

Build in by default specs Samsung s5 vs s4

Sensor Features and Technology

Over the world, as new trends and new innovations run with latest technology and discoveries. Then very smartphone company tried to give its users with modern way to live in this trendy atmosphere.

In this regard, Samsung took step and has introduced with your modern features and high-quality sensors in its smartphone galaxy s5. This is Fingerprint security controller sensor.

Samsung presents you fingerprint sensors with home screen button on the front surface of galaxy model like iPhone gives you. Then, s5 handset allows you to register at least 3 security fingerprints on your phone sensors to control with them.

Cam shooter compare Samsung s4 with Samsung s5

If you see, a big step takes you ahead. Samsung has been following this idea and gives you 16MP rear cam shooter which is bigger and upgraded than galaxy s4 with 13MP rear cam shooter.

As you know very well the camera shooter of any smartphone is required with high technology demand. with respect to this megapixel quality, Samsung also gives you latest technique of autofocus in your phone camera with 0.3 seconds.

Therefore, Samsung gives you another brand-new feature with selection of spot to focus on your phone camera while taking any photo.


As you have seen that both models are quick and highly attractive in their design and stance working with brand new features. But every smartphone manufacturer company gives you improved quality and upgraded version features and specs with its new model smartphone.

That is why, Samsung has given you a lot updates with regards to size screen, and camera shooter with sensors quality. Also, you are provided s5 galaxy model smartphone with great build with galaxy s4 smart gadget.

Galaxy s4 vs s5 specs

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