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Kim Bellizzi originally from Montgomery, New Jersey now resides in Galway where she is the owner and president of an Invisible Fence Brand dealership in the Capital District and Upper Hudson Valley. Bellizzi is engaged and has two children from a previous marriage. Q What is Invisible Fence? A An underground pet containment system which creates an invisible boundary zone around your property that your pet is trained to stay within. Invisible Fence Brand also offers indoor pet solutions that keep your pets away from designated areas inside and outside your home. You don’t need a yard to be an Invisible Fence Brand customer and it works for cats, too. Q What led you to becoming president and owner of Invisible Fence? A I have a degree from Texas A&M University and am a NJ certified Biology and Earth Science teacher. After moving to New York four years ago, I have struggled to find a job that paid well and utilized me to my fullest potential. I was bored. This past January, I had an Invisible Fence installed for my three dogs. A week after it was installed, my dogs had three acres to play on — it was a miracle! I decided that it was time to take charge of my life. I needed to empower myself. This product offered the perfect blend of my love of dogs, their safety and wellbeing, and my business savvy. Invisible Fence Brand has been around since the ’70s and is tried and true. Q What makes Invisible Fence so unique? A It allows pet owners to customize their settings indoors and out for the fraction of the cost of a physical fence. The Invisible Fence Brand has a 98 percent success rate. A 4-step training program is practiced by our team of trainers which is a systematic and gentle approach. Q What else are you involved in? A I’m the first vice president of the Schenectady Business and Professional Women’s Club. I am the co-chair for the Leadership Committee, a program that mentors young girls so they will continue getting educated and become productive well-balanced adults. Q What are some of your other interests or hobbies? A Fostering and adopting shelter animals, scuba diving, running, biking and hiking.

Five Questions for Aug. 6, 2012: Kim Bellizzi

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