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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— Starting September 1st, a law which defines sensitive locations where concealed carry will not be allowed goes into effect.

It will also enable the state to regulate and standardize training for license applicants.

While questions remain on how the new gun legislation will impact the permitting process, some gun retailers and training centers have posted online that a statewide freeze on pistol permits will also go into effect that day.

When Capitol Correspondent, Jamie DeLine, reached out to those who shared the information to see where they heard of this, she was either hung up on or was simply told they were sharing it from others on social media.

While regulations are being developed by the state, when it comes to the freeze, DeLine was told,

“Neither DCJS nor the State Police have issued any such directive related to pistol permit applications. The granting of pistol permits remains within the purview of local licensing officials.”

The permitting process is run at the county level.

In Rensselaer County the permit process is still business as usual.

“There hasn’t been any stops as far as pistol permits are concerned,” stated Frank Merola, Rensselaer County Clerk. It’s just that that September 1st deadline, things will change after that. We are not sure of the forms, if they are going to change. But there are going to be different criteria someone’s got to meet in order to get a pistol permit. We aren’t sure about the fees, if the fees are going to be different. So we are just waiting to hear. But currently, we are still open for business. We are doing pistol permits every singe day.”

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Fact Check: Gun Permits

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